$14 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Bad Tire Repair

There are countless causes for the car accidents that plague our streets daily. Many of them stem from distracted drivers who fail to focus on the dangers in front of them while behind the wheel. Others involve icy roads and dangerous weather that is not properly managed. However in some cases the problem has nothing to do with driver action, but instead stems from physical problems with the car. If the car itself malfunctions there is little the driver and passengers can do to prevent accidents.

For example, MSNBC explained a recent car accident lawsuit involving an auto dealership repair service. The family of a couple killed in a rollover accident filed suit against the Ford dealers who had recently performed a tire repair on the victim’s E350 Sportsmobile. The plaintiff argued (and the jury agreed) that the tire repair was faulty, leading to a right-rear tire tread separation. That tire separation caused the van to rollover while the couple was inside.

The jury ultimately awarded the family $14 million for the losses.

Our Chicago car crash lawyers at Levin & Perconti believe it is imperative for all car repair workers to understand the serious consequences of mistakes in their work. Drivers are completely dependent on the work of their car repair experts. It is vital that these car experts not return the vehicle to the customers with dangerous defects. Though it is rarely thought of in those terms, life and death literally depends on it. All victims of this sort of negligence have the legal right to contact car accident lawyers and seek redress for their losses.

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