26 Injured in Megabus Rollover Accident

If you live or work in Chicagoland, there is a good chance that you are no stranger to seeing buses lumber up and down the streets. Chicago’s CTA bus network alone services the entire city and 35 of its suburbs, an area which incorporates some 3.5 million people; but it doesn’t stop there. School buses shuttle millions of children to and from school across the state of Illinois, and when school is out for summer, they carry children and adults alike to various extracurricular activities; on top of that, many more people utilize intercity commercial coaches as a cheap and easy way to get to destinations well beyond the state of Illinois. In short, people living in the City of Chicago and much of the rest of Illinois are extremely familiar with, and heavily reliant on, bus transportation, but how familiar are they with what to do after a bus accident?

The sheer size and mass of the average bus makes the thought of one hitting a much smaller passenger car a nightmare scenario, but these accidents can also prove hazardous to bus passengers. The lack of seat belts and open isle designs indicative of most public and commercial coaches means that at any given moment, several people riding on a bus are likely to be in vulnerable positions (meaning they would be seriously injured if the bus were to be suddenly be involved in an accident).

Earlier this week, a Megabus commercial coach accident on Interstate 65 served as a solemn reminder of just how hazardous these accidents can be to bus passengers. According to officials from Megabuses parent company, Coach USA North America, the double-decker bus was nearing the end of its journey from Atlanta to Chicago when it rolled, hospitalizing 7 individuals, and causing 20 additional passengers to sustain minor injuries. Preliminary reports indicate that the bus was attempting to avoid an oncoming 2003 Saturn, which had veered from its northbound lane into the median, when it was tripped by guard wires on the side of the road. The 7 seriously injured passengers were taken to nearby Eskenazi Health Center and Hospital, while 11 others sought medical attention elsewhere; none of the passengers’ injuries were life-threatening. (Chicago Tribune; Chicagoist)

When a person is injured in a bus accident, they may not always know what to do next, and that is why it is crucial for every personal injury victim to seek the services of a proven and experienced legal team to help them navigate the various hurdles that lay ahead of them. Bus companies can be intimidating, and without the proper representation, you risk putting yourself on the hook for medical bills, insurance costs, and lost wages, all from an accident that was in no way your fault.

Our lawyers have a track record of getting results for our clients; if you have been injured in a bus accident, we will do everything we possibly can to recover the compensation that you deserve, and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. We know the right steps to take, and we have the experience to help you navigate the road to recovery.

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