27 Taken to Area Hospitals Following Chicago Bus Accident

School buses represent the largest single source of mass transportation in the United States, shuttling twice as many people from place to place as any other transit bus system. Each day approximately 500,000 buses get 24 million school-age kids from point A to point B, carrying them to and from school, as well as school related activities. Since 1990, about 1,500 people have been fatally injured in school bus accidents, and many more have been injured.

Early this week, 27 people were taken to Chicago-area hospitals following a school bus accident on the Northwest side on Monday afternoon. According to reports, the accident happened after the bus lost control and jumped a curb; the crash merited an EMS-1 plan response – with up to 10 ambulances reporting to the scene. The ages of those involved are not yet known, but officials say that all 27 individuals are in good condition. (NBC Chicago)

13,000 buses are involved in accidents every year, with an estimated 300 of these being fatal. Typical situations that contribute to bus accidents include things like blocked bus lanes, unpredictable drivers or sudden lane changes without warning, a bus veering of a roadway to avoid other accidents, pedestrians using bus lanes, speeding, bad weather, mechanical failures, and many others. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Because of the nature of a bus, with open isles and no seatbelts or airbags, people can get severely injured if the vehicle is involved in an accident. If you are on the other end of the bus collision the damage can be just as bad, if not worse. In order to prove the cause of a bus accident and determine which party is negligent, our lawyers review certain key elements, some of which include:

Bus Driver Qualifications-ensuring that the driver of the vehicle had the proper license and credentials at the time of the accident.

Driver Records-Negligence on the part of the company if the driver has a bad record, too many previous tickets, accidents, Inadequate training, lack of experience, etc.

Negligence in Supervision-If the bus driver was not monitored to the point that his or her negligent or reckless actions were not recognized or addressed.

Maintenance-Lack of proper maintenance to a vehicle in a timely and proper manner.

Together, our attorneys possess over 150 years of legal and medical experience, and we bring this knowledge to every case we handle. Our lawyers have handled cases against the Chicago Transit Authority, private coach carriers, and many more. We have recovered more than $520 million for our clients and their families, and have aided countless families in regaining their lives. You never know when or where an accident will happen, even when you are doing everything right, the actions of others can still negatively affect you.

Our lawyers are committed to ensuring that you are never punished for the carelessness of another driver. If you or a loved one thinks you may have a case, contact one of our attorneys for a free consultation to find out how we may be able to help you. We will work for you to ensure that your family will not have to deal with undue stress, and will have their future medical and insurance bills paid.

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