Company Hired to Install Speed Cameras Near School and Parks

A company has been chosen to implement a portion of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s “children first” program in Chicago. American Traffic Solutions has been hired to install cameras to monitor driver’s speed near Chicago schools and parks. The goal of this program is to ticket drivers that speed in areas that are often filled with child pedestrians.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, when the program is fully implemented there will be different fines for speeding motorists based on how many miles over the speed limit the driver is traveling. If the driver is driving six to ten miles over the speed limit they will face a $35 fine and if the driver is traveling eleven miles or over the speed limit in these child-heavy areas they will face fines of $100 per offense.

According to the Mayor’s Administration, American Traffic Solutions has chosen to install the cameras after a month long field test and based on the performance of their camera systems, their technology, the cost, the equipment used by the company and their signage.

The decision was just made to sign on with the company and once the contract is finalized, the installation will begin. The signs and video equipment will be installed and the Department of Transportation will hold programs to help teach drivers about the dangers of speeding near schools and parks and pedestirans to always be alert ad aware of drivers in these areas. The administration has authorized a maximum of 300 cameras to be installed in the Chicago land area near parks and schools.

While many drivers are opposed to traffic light cameras, the goal of these specific speed cameras are to help protect children and keep them safe from drivers who are speeding in areas where children are often present. The number one priority in installing these cameras is to make drivers more cautious and aware of how dangerous it is to speed in areas where children may run out into the street. Hopefully, in addition to the programs aimed to train drivers about speeding in school and park areas, the fines will further deter drivers from speeding around children.

Our Chicago accident attorneys remind drivers of how important it is to drive the speed limit and to always be alert and aware of pedestrians. This is especially important in areas where small children are often present and may run out into the street. If drivers are driving the posted speed limit, that has been determined to be safe to drive in that area, the likelihood that they are able to stop in time to avoid hitting a pedestrian is much greater.

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