Chicago Hosts Ride of Silence in Memory of Fallen Bikers

A group of about 100 bicyclists rode on what they refer to as the “Ride of Silence” which is a route that was created to commemorate those who have been killed in Chicago biking crashes. This is an annual Chicago event, and many that participate are people that have been directly or indirectly affected by one of these biking accidents. This event is not only to commemorate these fallen individuals and to honor their memory but also to try to raise awareness for bikers. According to Northwestern Medill, this is just one of the many similar biking events all over the country that have similar goals. To read more about this tribute to fallen bikers in Chicago bicycling accidents, please click on this link.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, between 2006 and 2008 15 cyclists were killed in Illinois. Many passenger car drivers and large truck drivers fall to beware of bikers, and while the number of fatal accidents is not very high, there are many smaller accidents involving bikers all the time. One bicyclist says that a common problem is pedestrians stepping into the street and not realizing they are stepping into a biker’s path, causing the cyclist to get knocked off their bike and oftentimes into traffic. Another common problem is people opening their car doors and not realizing they are opening it into a biker’s path. Bicyclists over the age of eleven in Illinois are required to ride on the street and not on the sidewalk, so these types of issues are often very prevalent in Chicago. Our Chicago accident attorneys encourage drivers and pedestrians to be alert and to try to help keep cyclists in Chicago safer!

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