America’s Best Drivers Report Sheds Mixed Light On Chicago

A new report has some good news for Chicago drivers this year. According to last year’s “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report,” Chicago drivers were in a car accident every 7.7 years on average. Now, that average has fallen. This year’s subsequent report shows that Chicago drivers crash every 7.9 years.

On face, this is great news. However, our Chicago car accident lawyers recognize that Chicago drivers crash more frequently relative to the national average, which stands at one crash every 10 years. For anyone that lives in Chicago, or another big city, they can understand why Chicago drivers are more frequently in crashes. Bigger cities are more heavily and densely populated and, as such, the chances for collision are much greater.

The report solidifies this experience with statistical data, showing that the best scoring cities are often smaller cities. Upon further analysis, our Illinois auto accident attorneys discovered that Chicago, while below the national average, is a relatively safe compared to the bigger cities. In fact, Chicago ranks as the 4th safest big city (cities consisting of more than 1,000,000 residents). The other four safest big cities, in order from 1st to 5th safest, include Phoenix (AZ), San Diego (CA), San Antonio (TX), and Houston (TX).

The report’s safest cities for this year, in order from 1st safest to 5th safest, include Sioux Falls (SD), Boise (ID), Fort Collins (CO), Madison (WI), and Lincoln (NE). Interestingly enough, Fort Collins had been the safest city consecutively for the past two years, but only ranked 3rd this year. What this tells our Chicago car accident attorneys is that you can’t take safe driving environments for granted. It is important to achieve and actively maintain a safe driving environment.

Finally, and probably of highest interest, are the cities with the worst drivers. Once again, Washington (D.C.) tops the list with the worst drivers, who crash on average every 4.8 years. Washington has topped this list on many occasions, and this year is no different. Baltimore (MD), Glendale (CA), Newark (NJ), Providence (RI), Philadelphia (PA), Hartford (CT), Jersey City (NJ), San Francisco (CA), and Alexandria (VA) follow Washington on the list.

There seems to be a regional pattern, whereas the safest cities are generally found in the mid and southwest, while the least safe cities are generally found in the east and west coast. With that said, our Illinois car accident lawyers are unclear as to why this may be. What we are clear about, however, is that this annual report is providing an important service releasing this information on a yearly basis. It keeps drivers informed, and aware of their surroundings while providing policymakers a valuable tool to potentially uncover what does and does not make cities safe for drivers.

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