An Illinois Pedestrian Guide to Staying Safe and Active

According to Fox News Chicago, Lincolnwood authorities are still investigating the death of a man killed while running along Lincoln Avenue this weekend. While our deepest sympathies and well wishes go out to all involved, the unfortunate truth is that this tragedy is just one of many that will occur in the Chicago area this year.

According to the most recent available data from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, pedestrian-car accidents accounted for 4,280 deaths and some 70,000 injuries in the United States in 2010. No one can possibly prepare themselves for the repercussions of being involved in a pedestrian traffic accident. However, when accidents occur, our attorneys are a reliable and proven source for seeking much needed help and guidance after you or your loved one has been a victim of a negligent driver.

While drivers are expected to be attentive and show care in avoiding pedestrians; walkers and runners must also make it a point to exercise caution and know how to stay safe when sharing the road with vehicles. Outside of the city, it can be difficult to find paths or trails to run on, and often people have no choice but to walk, run, or bike on streets and roads. Below are some tips regarding how Illinois residents can stay safe when they choose to walk, run, or bike using the roads near their homes:

#1. Use sidewalks whenever possible.
Only 21% of all pedestrian fatalities occur at intersections. A much greater amount of pedestrian accidents occur when pedestrians are running along the sides of roads.

#2. Be aware of vehicles and stay visible when you are using the road.
About 70% of all pedestrian deaths occur during the nighttime, when visibility for drivers is at its lowest. In addition, almost 50% of all pedestrian traffic fatalities occur on weekends.

#3. Avoid distractions.
It is very easy to get lost in your IPod, cell phone, or become distracted while running or walking, and this is often when accidents happen. Always make sure that you are aware of what is around you, and that your music still allows you to hear what is going on around you so that you can react accordingly.

#4. Know and obey traffic signals.
Make sure you cross the street at designated crosswalks and always wait for signals. This is especially important in urban areas, where 73% of all pedestrian traffic deaths occur. In addition, watch your children closely and inform them of safety rules and traffic laws.

Our lawyers known that you can never fully prepare yourself for the actions of others while using the road. Hopefully the tips and statistics included above will keep you and your loved ones safe, however if you are seriously injured as a result of a negligent driver’s actions, feel free to contact us to discuss your potential case. Illinois law protects victims by allowing them to take action if and when they are injured as a result of the reckless behaviors or negligence of others. These types of actions allow victims to recover fair and reasonable compensation for the harms caused, and also send a message to wrongdoers that these behaviors will never be tolerated or go unnoticed.

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