April Chicago Showers Lead to Dangerous Driving Conditions and Car Accidents

It’s been a rainy April in Chicagoland. Now the grass is getting greener, and flowers and trees are in bloom, as nice weather is breaking through. However, rainier weather means wet roads and decreased visibility. Therefore, it’s important that drivers act with extra safety and caution when on the roads to prevent car accidents. Heavy rains can make roads slippery and for it to be harder to see. While we understand that rain cannot keep people from their everyday obligations like work and school, we do stress to take higher precautions than normal when driving. Remember to slow down and give yourself extra time to get to your destination.

According to an article by ABC 7, rainy Chicago weather led road closures and traffic collisions. As rain fell throughout the Midwest, especially over the Chicago area, accidents occurred. This includes a semi-truck that jackknifed on I-94. The driver was trapped in the wreckage, but emergency responders were able to get him out. In another crash that occurred on I-57, a person was thrown from a car. Additionally, several vehicles were recently involved in a crash that closed Cicero Avenue on Chicago’s northwest side from Montrose to Lawrence.

During inclement weather, especially stormy conditions, it can be hard to see other vehicles, road signs, and the road in front of you. drivers need to slow down and allow for more travel time. SmartMotorist.com, a website surrounding vehicle safety, offers rainy weather driving tips. The site stresses that it is important that you can see and be seen. Look out for brake lights of others and always turn your headlights on, even in the lightest of rain. In weather like that, it is very important to slow down and go at a slower pace than you would in pleasant conditions. Not only should you slow down, but you should increase your following distance. The normal space between cars should follow the “3 Second Rule,” but this should be increased in rainy weather because slippery surfaces require a longer stopping time. In heavy rains, it is also advised to stay toward the middle lanes because water tends to collect in pools in the outside lanes. Avoid driving through standing water because it is never clear how deep it is, and it could sweep your car off the road. In addition, whenever possible, avoid staying too close to large trucks or buses because these vehicles tend to create a large spray from their large tires. This greatly reduces a driver’s vision, and can easily occur when passing these vehicles.

Our attorneys want Chicago to stay as accident-free as possible. This means working together on the roads to make them an overall safer place to travel, especially during inclement weather, which will call for added caution and diligence to safety. Heavy rain is especially dangerous because it can easily cause drivers to lose control or veer off the road or cause a collision from decreased visibility. We understand that accidents and losing control of your vehicle is frightening and often leads to serious personal injuries. Be sure to drive carefully, and encourage others around you to do the same.

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