Avoid these Common Causes of Car Accidents

As you probably already know, there are a lot of car accidents here in Illinois. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were 76,352 crashes reported in 2012 for which damage to any one person’s property totaled between $501 and $1,500. There are also a lot of fatal auto accidents here in Illinois. Also according to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were 886 fatal car crashes resulting in 956 fatalities in 2012 alone. With all of these reported car accidents, some common causes stand out.

Common Causes of Auto Accidents

Here is a quick non-exclusive list of common causes of car accidents. This list also explains how you may avoid these common causes.

  1. Distracted Driving: It is found that between 25 to 50 percent of all accidents in the United States is a result of distracted driving. Common sources of distraction are texting and other cell phone use, rubbernecking, looking at scenery, tending to other passengers and children, adjusting the radio and reading. To avoid this behavior, simply keep your eyes on the road at all times. If you need to use your phone, you should pull over to a safe location and place your car in park, before doing so.
  2. Drowsy Driving: According to the United States National Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 100,000 auto accidents, annually, result from drowsy driving. Drowsy driving can cause poor decision-making, slow reflexes and a short temper.

Here is a quick list on how to avoid drowsy driving:

  •      Get plenty of sleep
  •      Take plenty of breaks
  •      If you are driving long-distance, take turns driving
  •      Avoid drinking alcohol before you drive
  •      If you do get drowsy, be sure to pull over and rest.
  1. Drunk Driving: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2014 alone, 9,967 died in alcohol-impaired car accidents. This accounted for 31 percent of all traffic-related deaths during that year. You can avoid this by simply not drinking alcohol before you drive. Try to distance yourself from other drivers incase you encounter an intoxicated driver.
  2. Speeding: Driving over the posted speed limit not only increases the chances of an auto accident, but it also increases the likelihood of being seriously injured in an auto accident. To avoid having a speeding-related auto accident, simply do not drive over the posted speed limit signs.
  3. Aggressive driving: Per the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (AAA), aggressive driving accounts for more than half of all traffic-related fatalities. In brief, aggressive driving occurs when a driver commits moving traffic offenses so as to endanger people or property nearby. If you encounter an aggressive driver, it is important that you stay calm and keep your distance. Common aggressive driving behaviors include:
  •      Tailgating
  •      Screaming at another driver
  •      Rude gestures towards another driver
  •      Speeding
  •      Failing to use turn signals
  •      Intentionally preventing other vehicles from changing lanes
  1. Bad Weather: Bad weather such as rain, snow, ice, storms, et cetera, increases the likelihood of an auto accident. Driving is more difficult during these conditions and you will require more time to stop to avoid crashing into the vehicle traveling in front of you. When faced with these weather conditions, it is important to either pull your vehicle over or slow down to a safe speed.

Take Action

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Drowsy driving and how to avoid it

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