Bicycle Accidents More Likely in Urban Areas

Nearly 700 bicyclists were killed in motor vehicle traffic accidents in 2011 (the most recent year for which statistics were available), and almost 50,000 additional people were sent to the hospital after sustaining serious injuries. As a Chicago based personal injury law firm, our attorneys have experience handling all sorts of pedestrian and bicycle personal injury cases, and we know that bike accidents are far more likely to occur in urban areas. That’s why we are committed to ensuring our clients’ rights are protected, and their hardships are compensated for. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Not unlike motorcyclists, bike riders are extremely vulnerable to traumatic injury in automobile accidents. There are no steel cages surrounding a bicyclist; no airbags, no crumple zones to absorb impact, and no built in safety features. When an accident happens, it is just you, the vehicle, and the hard concrete.

Bicycles and motorcycles share a relatively small stature when compared to the larger passenger vehicles on the road. Both can become easily lost in blind spots, and many drivers fail to share the road with them, posing significant dangers to riders. However, in one crucial aspect, a bicycle is even more likely to fall below a driver’s radar, and that is sound. Even with all of the hazards that come with driving a motorcycle in the city, most people will hear a motorcycle before they see it. Without a motor, a bicyclist is often able to go unnoticed and unheard in a blind spot, and this is one of the biggest reasons why 59% of all bicycle fatalities happen while the rider is traveling down the side of a road, as opposed to at an intersection.

Our lawyers understand that the majority of recreational cyclists are energetic and active people, and this can make it incredibly difficult to deal with a debilitating injury. Many victims of bicycle accidents must spend months confined to a hospital room, rehabilitation center, or their own home in order to recover, and for some, permanent injuries will plague them for the rest of their lives. These injuries can also rack up enormous medical bills, and without the ability to work or produce income, recovery bring serious emotional and physical stress.

We are committed to the belief that no one should ever be punished for an accident that they did not cause. Since 1992, our lawyers have represented the victims of accidents caused by negligent and reckless drivers and are here to work with you to get you fair and reasonable compensation for the harms caused to you.

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