Bicyclist Seriously Injured in North Side Crash

WLS News reported earlier this week on a serious Chicago bicycle accident that struck on the city’s north side. There is only minimal information available about the crash at this point, but investigators do know that it involves a bicyclist and a city.

Apparently the 20-year-old bicyclist was in the North Center neighborhood on Cullom Avenue when the accident occurred. Reports indicate that she was traveling east on Cullom at the Lincoln Avenue intersection when she disobeyed a stop sign. As a result, she crossed the intersection just as a city truck was headed north on Lincoln. The truck collided with the bicyclist sending her off the bike and onto the road.

Emergency crews were quickly called and the woman was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. The truck driver remained at the scene following the accident and no citations have yet been issued.

Chicagoans are well-aware of the prevalence of bike accidents on our city’s streets. A large, diverse city like ours is filled with various modes of transportation. Semitrailers, city trucks, SUVs, small cars, bikes, mopeds, Segways, and walkers all travel on and across miles and miles of city roadways morning, noon, night. Because of that there are countless opportunities for deadly collisions, especially when any of those travelers fails to abide by appropriate standards of care.

In particular, dangerous crashes involving cars and bikes seem to be especially common, as both types of travelers attempt to share the same roadways-often with very little room for error. Our Chicago car accident lawyers at Levin & Perconti have been involved in several accidents involving collisions between bikes and other vehicles. Because of the virtually non-existent protection offered by bikes, these bike crashes very frequently involve severe injury.

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