Bridgestone Focuses on Teen Driver Safety

Our Chicago car accident lawyers recently read in MotorAge that Bridgestone Tire Company announced a video competition to promote safety among teen drivers. The video contest asks students to tell others why their school deserves a grant to expand teenage driver safety programs. The grand prize, a $5,000 grant, will allow students to continue spreading the message of safety awareness. According to the rules of the contest, videos must be between 30 seconds and two minutes, and contestants must explain their idea for a program they want their school to use to become safer drivers.

The winner not only gets the $5,000 grant, however also wins a Road Show Rally. A Road Show Rally is presented by Bridgestone, where the company creates a fun and interactive program that includes safety tests, games, tire checks, and prize giveaways. Second and third place receives $2,500 each to aid their school’s driver safety program. The program was created because school budgets have recently been tightened and forced to eliminate some necessary road education, and this creative way gives teens a reason to think about and promote safe driving habits.

As our readers know, teen drivers often face serious risks that could put themselves and other drivers on the road in danger. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are several major factors that put teen drivers at risk. The first risk factor being that as novice drivers, teens are more likely to underestimate or ignore serious or hazardous situations. They are also more likely to speed, drive intoxicated, and this group also has the lowest rate of seatbelt use. Cellphones, social media, texting, and other technologies also easily distract teenagers in the car.

Our Illinois accident attorneys advise all teenagers to be aware of the risks associated with novice driving, and to avoid all distractions while driving. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teens and accidents are very common. We applaud companies such as the Bridgestone Tire Company who look for ways to educate teens in fun and creative ways. Getting the message out in these ways will not only draw attention to the importance of driver education in schools, but will also make teens aware of how they can protect themselves, friends and loved ones from being involved in accidents that can lead to serious injuries, or even death.

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