Cab Crashes Into 7-11 in Downtown Chicago Loop

A car accident occurred on July 21st in which a Chicago cab crashed into a Chicago Loop 7-11 convenience store, resulting in seven injuries. The car accident occurred when a car sped through a red light, forcing a cab to broadside the car and then crash into the front of the 7-11 store. Luckily, the cab did not strike anyone that was inside the store at the time of the crash, but unfortunately several pedestrians involved did get injuries and four people in total had to be taken to local hospitals. According to the Chicago Sun Times, police do not suspect that the driver of the passenger car that caused the accident by running the light was under the influence of alcohol; however he was cited with disobeying traffic signals as well as driving without proper insurance. Later in the evening following the crash, the taxi cab was still lodged in the 7-11 and the store was a mess after a water pipe had burst from the cab accident. Additionally, glass from the storefront was all over the street where the accident occurred and was still being cleaned up well into the night. To read more about this Chicago cab crash, please click on this link.

This accident shows the importance of always obeying traffic lights and never trying to make it through a light that is changing to red. Even if you think you have time to make the light, you may not see another car approaching and an accident while traveling at highs speeds can cause seriously damage and destruction to the surrounding area, as well as seriously injury people that are in the area. Illinois injury attorneys remind you to always err on the side of caution and slow down for yellows and stop fully if the light will change red before you can safely cross through the intersection.

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