Car Accident Derails CTA Brown Line Train

Car accidents are so numerous because their causes come in a variety of forms. Sometimes they result from distractions for the driver-texting, sleepiness, chatting. Other times car crashes are caused by road conditions, from constructions zones to icy weather. Drivers are on the lookout for other cars, trucks, bikers, and pedestrians. In Chicago that list also includes trains, as several tracks, both Chicago Transit Authority and Metra lines, run across many roadways throughout the city.

Particularly troubling about train accidents is the fact that so many individuals are at risk. Depending on the circumstances a derailed train threatens dozens if not hundreds of lives. The need for safety at these intersections cannot be underestimated.

The Chicago Tribune reported last weekend on an accident involving a car and a CTA Brown line train. At 7:30am on Sunday morning a CTA brown line train was crossing Kedzie Avenue in Albany Park when the accident occurred. A car was on the tracks at that location and the train conductor was unable to stop in time to avoid a collision. The car was smashed and the train was derailed. The train station platform was also significantly damaged in the accident.

The driver of the car was rushed to a local hospital where he remains in serious to critical condition. The train conductor was also taken to receive medical care. Fortunately, no train passengers were injured in the wreck.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys understand that the tragic collision explained here could have ended up much worse if train passengers had been affected to a larger degree. It is imperative that extra precautions be taken by all drivers around these intersections. There are several areas in the city where drivers often take unnecessary risks-stopping on the tracks instead of always allowing the gap to remain when traffic builds up across the intersection. The consequences of collision are too high to justify any risk.

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