Car Accident Lawsuit Filed Against Police Sergeant

A car accident lawsuit has been filed against a police officer who is believed to have been texting while driving, which then caused a fatal accident. The car accident occurred several weeks ago and happened when the police sergeant allegedly unsafely and illegally changed lanes to enter the highway and crashed into a passenger car killing one of the people in the vehicle. According to WOAI‘s website, the family of the victim, as well as a surviving passenger from the crash, have filed the wrongful death lawsuit against he police officer, even though the police reports show that both drivers were to blame. The attorneys representing the victim are trying to ensure that phone records are not destroyed or tampered with so they can see if the officer was in fact texting at the time of the accident. If the officer is found to have been texting when the accident occurred this could be very serious because of how recent studies have shown the danger of texting while behind the wheel. Texting while driving is becoming outlawed in many states, including Illinois. To read more about this tragic accident, please click on the link.

According to the Health Finder website, over half a million people were injured and close to 6,000 killed last year in accidents that were caused by distracted drivers using their cell phone (either talking on or texting). Given the incredibly high number of accidents caused by driver distraction with cell phone usage, many states are cracking down on this problem by banning certain phone actions while driving. It is virtually impossible to pay complete attention to the road while checking your cell phone for a text or responding to one and this is a problem that is entirely avoidable. This distracted while driving danger also applies to police officers, and not just other drivers, and if the police officer in this case was found to be texting at the time of the accident he could face serious consequences. Even if the practice is not outlawed where he was driving, the court is very likely to find that he was at fault and that the other driver was not at fault if the officer was distracted by his cell phone at the time of the accident. Please remember how dangerous cell phones can be in terms of distracting a driver and that even one second of not paying attention to the road can lead to tragic accidents.

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