Car Accident Victim Receives $4.55M Settlement

A 69-year-old woman has received a $4.55 million settlement stemming from a devastating car accident that resulted in debilitating personal injury in 2009 – according to a news report posted on Our Chicago accident lawyers learned that the accident in question transpired on January 20, 2009, when the accident victim was traveling southbound on an interstate highway when another driver pulled out in front of her as she attempted to make a left hand turn. The woman was unable to stop and subsequently collided with the other passenger vehicle.

As a result of the accident, the 69-year-old woman suffered severe injuries that subsequently forced her to use a wheelchair for several years after the accident. Our Chicago car accident attorneys learned it is reported that the accident victim has begun to use a quad-cane instead of a wheelchair. At the time of the accident, the victim was also traveling with a passenger – who was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene as a result of the collision. Although the driver of the other passenger vehicle did not sustain injury in the accident, he has since passed away from unrelated issues.

After subsequent litigation stemming from the devastating accident, the estate of the passenger vehicle that caused the accident has been ordered by the court to pay $610,000 for misjudging gaps in traffic – ultimately totaling up to a $3.75 million settlement from his estate. Additionally, the accident victim received compensation for the county where the accident transpired. It has been reported that the intersection of the accident was increasingly dangerous and the county ultimately agreed to a $190,000 settlement for their involvement in funding and controlling highway projects.

When debilitating and life-altering accidents such as the one previously mentioned transpire, car accident litigation is often helpful for accident victims and their families to obtain compensation for their personal injury or premature fatality. Some of the most common harms that result from car accidents include, but is not limited to: broken bones, whiplash, as well as, injuries to the brain and spinal cord. These types of injuries often require extensive medical treatment, in addition to, other subsequent problems such as loss of wages.

Since 1992, our Chicago car accident lawyers at Levin & Perconti have provided qualified legal representation to those who have sustained life-altering injury and/or premature fatality in a wide variety of motor vehicle collisions. If you have been injured in an Illinois car accident or have lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent driver, please contact our experienced accident attorneys to see what legal rights may be available to you.

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