Car Accidents Make Drivers the Super Bowl’s Biggest Losers

It’s Super Bowl Weekend everyone! This is the week that avid football fans and funny-commercial watchers alike crowd around the television to take in the biggest game of the year. With a viewing audience of over 130 million Americans, the Super Bowl is the most widely viewed regular television broadcast in the country, and its effects on the viewing public may surprise you.

Recently a university research team put their heads together to conduct a study on the correlation between car accident injuries and the Super Bowl. “[The Super Bowl is] particularly appealing to young, healthy men who are the exact same people who get over-represented in fatal motor vehicles,” said one of the medical professors responsible for the study, which found a significant jump in the number of car crashes, injuries, and traffic fatalities in the hours directly following the Super Bowl.

“The results aren’t surprising,” added another researcher, “People have drunk alcohol and are in a ‘winner’ or ‘loser’ mood. Both can be dangerous when driving a vehicle.” The study, which was conducted using data from the previous 27 Super Bowls, revealed what amounted to 1,300 additional car accidents, 600 more injuries, and 7 additional deaths in the hours following footballs biggest game.

The scientists and researches on this team of experts credit this jump to a mixture of alcohol consumption, inattention, and fatigue. “The distinctive thing about the Super Bowl is that those three factors come together in an impressive way because it’s such a widely shared cultural event in the United States,” explained the lead author of the study.

If you have been reading this blog for long enough, you likely recall our articles concerning the dangers of driving on New Year’s Eve. Well according to this study, all told, the 41 percent increase in fatalities after the Super Bowl makes driving home on Super Bowl Sunday even more dangerous. If you can’t avoid unnecessary nighttime driving, the researchers recommended that the safest time to drive is during the game itself, when the number of accidents wanes. (ABC News)

Our lawyers share over 130 years of experience. Our firm has spent decades representing the victims of reckless and negligent car accidents, and we know that any time there is widespread celebration and partying, accidents can follow. If you are out and about on Sunday night, take a taxi home, or use public transit if you think that you’ve had too much to drink.

Car accidents are unpredictable, and while some people walk away unscathed, others can be confined to their homes recovering for months at a time, with no way of returning to work or earning income. Our job at Levin & Perconti is to ensure that our clients will never be punished for the carelessness of another driver.

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