Car Crash Leaves Driver with Critical Injuries reported last weekend on a car accident that sent two vehicles across nearby train tracks. Apparently two car accident struck in the small town of Grandville, around 1:30 in the afternoon last Sunday.

The driver of a small Ford Counter was inching out of an intersection when his car was broadsided by a pick-up truck traveling on the road to which he was turning. The impact sent both vehicles spinning off in different directions. Each ended up on railroad tracks running parallel to the road. Fortunately no trains were scheduled on the track at that time. The driver of the small car had to be extricated from the car by emergency crews. He was then rushed to a local hospital in critical condition.

Local residents report that the particular intersection in question is known to be dangerous. There are repeated accidents at the site. However, investigators are not yet sure what caused this crash. It may have been the speeding of one driver or perhaps an obscured view that hid the movement of one of the cars.

Our Chicago car accident lawyers at Levin & Perconti continue urging our city’s drivers to remain safe on the roads this winter season. The combination of snow, ice, and holiday bustle makes it even more imperative than ever to follow traffic signs diligently, drive at a steady speed, use safety devices, and be aware of potential negligent drivers around you. If you or someone you know becomes the unfortunate victim of the actions of another driver, contact a car crash lawyer to protect your rights and seek redress.

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