Car Crashes Into CTA Bus

Another traffic accident that occurred in Chicago last night is a reminder that transportation always pose a risk no matter what form it takes. Whether you are in a car, plane, boat, public bus, or any other form of travel, there is always a chance that an accident might occur.

My Fox Chicago reported on the two vehicle crash involving a CTA bus and a car.

Shortly before 8am yesterday morning, the CTA bus was at a stop in Lawndale on the west side of city. The other vehicle was coming up behind the bus and was unable to stop before smashing into the back of it. Authorities are still investigating and have not yet determined the exact cause for the car’s failure to properly stop to prevent the accident.

Nine passengers on the bus were injured in the rear collision. They were all sent to nearby hospitals with various injuries.

As this car crash yesterday demonstrates, the risk of injury when traveling is present even in the moments when we feel most secure. The nine injured passengers likely felt they were in no danger while sitting on a large public bus stopped at a light on the west side of the city. Yet, it was precisely at that calm moment that the likely negligence of another vehicle caused it to careen into them in the harmful accident. The lesson is clear: danger exists any time we are on the move.

Our car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti have decades of experience examining the legal side of accidents and injuries on the roads. Our years of legal work have exposed our attorneys to vehicle accidents of all shapes, sizes, and forms. We understand that traveling is inherently risky. All that can be done is for each person to follow ordinary standards of care when traveling. If you or someone you know is injured in an accident caused by another driver who failed to follow those basic standards of care, please contact our offices to learn about your rights as a driver.

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