Car Ripped in Half Following Collision With Metra Train

The Tribune Local reported earlier this week on a car crash involving a small vehicle and a speeding Metra train on Dundee Road in Northbrook.

On Monday, an elderly driver barreled through a closed gate at a Metra railroad crossing. The car was halfway across the tracks when an oncoming train struck, severing the vehicle in two. The power of the collision was so strong that one part of the car ended up breaking through a fence and entering the yard of nearby home and the other half was propelled down the street.

Investigators are confident that the lights indicating an oncoming train were flashing and the gate blocking the roadway was down.

Amazingly, the driver will appear to survive the collision. A passerby got to the vehicle first, noticing that the elderly driver had a cut across his head but was otherwise mobile. However, the driver was also talking only a little and appeared to be delirious. Fortunately, he was wearing his seat belt and his airbag deployed properly.

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