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Our central and peripheral nervous systems (CNS & PNS) and their various functions are incredibly complex, and this is something that we often take for granted. The CNS (comprised of our brain & spinal cord) and PNS (enclosed bundles of axons, or nerves) are responsible for transmitting neurological signals to and from various parts of the body in order to control and coordinate our voluntary and involuntary actions. Despite all the progress that has been made in modern medicine and public health, we remain at the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to our understanding of our own cognitive function; however, one thing is clear: keeping these neurological processes in good working order is directly correlated with our quality of life.
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Every year, roughly 6 million car accidents occur around the United States, injuring some 3 million Americans. According to the statistics, about 2/3rd of these individuals’ injuries will never fully heal, serving as a permanent hindrance that will completely change their way of living. As Chicago car accident lawyers, we understand that the effects of traffic fatalities and traumatic injuries are diverse and far-reaching, deleteriously affecting individuals, families, and communities alike. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Unfortunately, head injuries, nerve damage, spinal cord paralysis, broken bones, or even losing the use of a limb are all very real outcomes in violent automobile accidents. For individuals who have spent their lives pursuing in depth knowledge related to fields like business, technology, or medicine, a head injury could prevent them from returning to their job, and in jobs that require physical labor or exertion, virtually any serious injury could mean losing thousands of dollars in wages. This is just one example of the many burdens that victims must deal with, and it is also illustrates why choosing the right law firm matters when pursuing a lawsuit.

Together, our personal injury lawyers possess over 130 years of legal knowledge and experience. We are proud of the diverse collection of talent found within our law firm because this directly translates to our success in securing the best possible results for every client we take on. We know that for victims, the most important and pressing matter is getting their medical bills, insurance costs, lost wages, and future healthcare expenses covered, and since 1992, our staff has helped thousands of individuals do just that.

Traffic work zones are a necessity in order to maintain the United States’ many highways, bridges, roadways, etc. In an effort to prevent dangerous infrastructural hazards in the long-term, many of the short-term risks that these areas create are seen as a necessary evil. Still, work zones can be very dangerous for both the motorists who pass through their often-confusing assemblage of signs, construction barrels, and lane changes, as well as for the hardworking men and women who build, maintain, and repair our roads every day for a living. Earlier this week, one such accident on Illinois Route 14 injured a local construction worker.

The early morning crash occurred in a marked construction zone not far from Hamilton County Road. According to Illinois State Police officials, the victim, a 38-year-old construction worker from Belleville, had been working near 1575E with his hazard lights on, and was stopped with a 2006 GMC truck on Route 14. Around 11 a.m. a 2005 Toyota Rav4 driving through the zone collided with the rear end of the man’s truck, causing him to be injured. While police reported that the victim had required transportation to nearby McLeansboro Hospital by ambulance, they did not record the nature or extent of his injuries. The driver of the Toyota has been charged with failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. (KFVS12)

The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 101 worker fatalities occurred in construction zones in 2008, 116 in 2009, 106 in 2010, and 122 in 2011. These kinds of transportation incidents added up to a total of roughly 90,000 accidents, and accounted for more than 75% of all occupational injuries in 2011, the final year for which statistics are provided. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

A Chicago car accident that occurred on the South Side in the East Chatham neighborhood left a pedestrian in serious condition. The accident occurred when the driver of a car struck a man late at night and then attempted to drive away from the scene. The pedestrian that was struck was dragged by the car for an entire block before the car drove away. Luckily for the victim, two police officers that were patrolling in the area saw the hit-and-run Chicago car accident occur and called in a description of the car while staying with the victim until the ambulance arrived. According to the Chicago Tribune, the victim is at Stroger Hospital and is listed in serious condition.

Since the police were able to send in a report of the car right after the car accident occurred, officers from a neighboring area were able to locate the car less than a mile from the scene of the car and pedestrian accident. Several people that lived in a home near where the car was found have been taken into custody in connection with the hit-and-run accident but at the time the article was written no charges had been filed against the people in custody in connection with the South Side car accident.

Hit-and-runs are a serious problem in Chicago and when a driver flees the scene there may be no one around to identify the car or the driver, especially if the victim is severely injured and cannot pay attention to what the car looked like. The penalties for fleeing the scene of an accident in Illinois when a person is seriously injured are very severe, and no driver should ever leave the scene if they strike a pedestrian. Our Illinois accident attorneys remind all drivers to stop immediately if you strike a pedestrian and first call an ambulance right away and then call the police immediately. The severity of the penalties are much less severe if you remain at the scene of the car accident and take all necessary steps to help the victim and help the police. If you leave the scene of the accident and are later found to have been responsible for the accident, the penalties are very severe. If a person struck by a car dies as a result of their personal injuries and the driver has fled the scene, the penalties are even more severe in Illinois.

An Illinois woman was killed in a single car accident when the car she was driving drove off of the road and struck a pole and then a tree. The accident occurred on Monday near the intersection of Montrose and Elston in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago. According to DNA Info, the victim was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead a little over thirty minutes after the car accident occurred. The car involved in the accident was a van and according to authorities, no one else was traveling in the van when the victim got into the fatal Chicago car accident. At this time it is unclear what happened that led to the accident.

According to a study conducted by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 70 percent of all fatal accidents that involve only a single vehicle involves the car running off of the road. The above story is an example of this type of car accident, since the car went off the road and struck a pole and a tree. The study was aimed at determining what factors were most prevalent in single vehicle accidents in which the car ran off the road. The study showed that certain road conditions, environmental conditions and driver conditions were very prevalent in these types of crashes. Roads that had numerous curves, were less developed, had high speed limits and had less lanes were the most common types of locations for single vehicle off-the-road accidents. As for environmental factors, adverse weather and nighttime driving were the most common factors in these types of accidents. With respect to driver characteristics, single vehicle crashes where the car runs off of the road occurred most when the car had a high occupancy and among younger male drivers. Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drivers who were fatigued and drivers who are speeding were also among the most likely to be involved in fatal single vehicle accidents where the car ran off of the roadway. Many car accidents of this type do not have these factors come into play and can occur for a variety of reasons, however these factors were prevalent in many of these types of single vehicle accidents.

If you or your loved one were injured in a Chicago car accident, please contact our Chicago car accident lawyers immediately to discuss what legal options and legal remedies may be available to you and your family. It is important to talk to a lawyer right away if you feel like you may have legal options because there is a time limit on how long after a car accident a person may take legal action against those responsible.

Two suburban Chicago women were killed in a car accident that occurred last Saturday night. Both the driver and the passenger were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. According to The Chicago Sun Times, the car accident occurred in the western suburb of Lyons on Harlem Avenue near Interstate 55. Our Chicago car accident attorneys remind drivers of how many fatal car accidents occur each year and of how important is it to always be alert and paying attention when driving. Drivers who are driving too fast, drivers not being cautious enough of weather conditions, distracted drivers, fatigued drivers and impaired drivers all run the risk of getting into a car accident.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were 32,885 fatalities resulting from car accidents in 2010 alone. Of these accidents the highest percentage were caused by drunk driving, followed by speeding, distracted drivers and bad weather. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also reported that over half of the fatalities involved the driver being killed. So many of these accidents were caused by factors in the driver’s control and that is why it is so important to remember the importance of being cautious and alert while driving.

It is never worth risking a car accident to get somewhere a couple minutes faster, never necessary to answer a ringing phone or send a text message while driving and always important to keep your eyes on the road and stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Additionally, if you are about to head out in your car or are already out on the road and feel that the weather conditions are no longer safe to be driving on, please pull over and do not continue to drive at that time. The roads are always most slick right after it begins to rain and ice and snow can make it very difficult and lead to sliding. Keeping in mind these simple guidelines could make the difference between an accident and safely getting to your destination.

A car accident that occurred in January in Chicago in the Roseland neighborhood left the driver and the two passengers traveling in the vehicle dead after the driver lost control of the vehicle. The accident occurred on the morning of January 13th near the intersection of 102nd Street and State Street. According to ABC Local and the Chicago police, the driver of the car lost control of his vehicle and hit three parked cars and then flipped over. At this point, authorities are saying that speed may have been a factor in the car accident.

Our Chicago car accidents find this story especially upsetting because all three of the victims were young adults, the driver was 20 years old and the two passengers were 22 years old. While it is always tragic when people are killed in car accidents, it is even more difficult to hear when the victims were so young. In addition to the age of the passengers, the passengers were twins so their family had to deal with the pain of losing two children because of the accident.

Unfortunately, driving at speeds even several miles above what is safe for the conditions leads to numerous accidents each year, most of which would be prevented by driving at even slightly lower speeds. According to Smart Motorist, even driving 5 miles over the speeds limit in certain situations can be extremely dangerous and make it impossible for a driver to stop in time to avoid an accident. Speed limits are determined by engineers who analyze a number of factors for the given area and determine what speed is the highest speed at which a car can travel safely. This is why it is so important to respect speed limits and not even travel slightly over the posted limit. Even though this seems like a logical point and that the speed limits are posted for a reason and must be followed, Smart Motorist reports that 90 percent of drivers they studied had sped at some point in their driving career and 75 percent admitted to speeding regularly.

This past weekend, a 20 year old Chicago man was killed and the passenger riding in his car was injured after the car they were driving in crashed into a lighting pole on Michigan Avenue and the car split in half. According to the Chicago Tribune, the driver was trying to pass another vehicle and was driving at very high speeds in order to do so when he lost control of the car, hit a curb and crashed into the light pole. At this time it is not known whether the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. No other vehicles were involved in the Chicago car accident. The driver was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital and the passenger was taken to the hospital and then treated and released from the hospital.

Unfortunately, many fatal car accidents are the result of reckless driving at speeds that are fair to dangerous for the road. Reckless driving is especially prevalent among young drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, excessive speed is the leading cause of car accident deaths for people under the age of 20. Young men are more likely to be in car accidents caused by driving at excessive speeds. Reckless driving accidents among young young drivers are also more common when the driver is driving with at least one other passenger in the car. Passengers can cause additional distractions to a driver and may lead them to pay less attention to the road. Young inexperienced drivers often do not realize how dangerous it is not only for themselves but also for other drivers on the road to drive too fast and to not pay attention to their surroundings. Driving at excessive speeds makes it much more difficult to stop the car and it makes it very easy to lose control of the car, which is what happened to the driver in the article mentioned above.

If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident that was the result of another driving driving at speeds that were too high for the road or the conditions please contact our Chicago car accident attorneys to discuss what legal remedies may be available to you. Make sure to call today because Illinois law requires that lawsuits be filed within a certain amount of time after the accident occurred.

As personal injury lawyers, we understand the devastation that reckless and careless drivers can bring with them. On average more than one hundred people die each day in motor vehicle crashes. (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration)

For the second time in a little under a month, a 23-year-old Skokie woman has declined a plea deal that included a 5-year prison sentence stemming from a car accident which killed a 9-year-old boy in May. The woman has been charged with felony aggravated driving under the influence, and Chicago prosecutors allege the presence of drugs in her system when she caused the accident.

According to investigators, on May 22nd, the woman was driving home from work when she turned left onto Main Street from St. Louis Avenue. Before completing the turn, she struck a van, causing her car to spin over the median and land on a northeast corner sidewalk, where the 9-year-old boy was riding his bike.

Count to 14.

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Since you started reading this article, two people have been injured in a car accident somewhere in the country. If last year was any indication, by the end of the year, this number is will have climbed to more than 3,000,000 people. However, the real tragedy lies with the 2,000,000 people that will have to deal with a permanent injury for the rest of their life due to a motor accident. (Reckless Drivers Statistics)

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