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A recent study has shown that Chicago cab companies have a complex system in place that may limit the amount that passengers are able to collect in the event of a personal injury or wrongful death resulting from a cab accident. The way the system is structured, a person injured is likely to never recover more than the $350,000 minimum required by the City of Chicago, even in cases where the injured party requires lifetime medical care or when the family is suing on behalf of a victim that was killed as a result of an accident.

According to The Chicago Sun Times, this change in damage recovery resulted about twelve years ago when Chicago stopped cab companies from being able to have a monopoly on owning cabs within the city, and as it stands now, no one company can own more that twenty five percent of city-issued taxi medallions. Prior to this, two Chicago cab companies had a complete monopoly on the system and typically held multiple layers of insurance, which would be available to protect the company in the event of a lawsuit and provide higher monetary damages for victims. The new system allow companies to argue that the driver is a private agent and without being able to show that the driver is an agent of the company, the recovery can be much lower for victims. While the legislature coming in to stop monopolies is good for cab companies and clients alike, these changes made it harder for injured victims of Chicago taxi accidents to recover the amount they deserve for the harm or injury caused. To read more about the damage recovery caps for cab accidents in Chicago, please click on the link.

The city of Chicago Heights is facing a lawsuit in connection with the fatal car accident in which the Chicago Heights police handed over car keys to an apparently drunk driver who then got into a fatal accident, which resulted in the death of his girlfriends five year old son who was a passenger asleep in the back seat of the car when the accident occurred. The police gave the keys to the passenger to take the car home after pulling a woman over and taking her to the police station for driving with a suspended license. The woman claims that she informed the police that her boyfriend, who was the passenger, was intoxicated because she had been with him when he was drinking earlier that evening, and that the police ignored what she told them. According to The Chicago Tribune, the woman, who was also the mother of the young boy who died in the accident, has filed a lawsuit against both the City of Chicago Heights and against her boyfriend who was driving while drunk when the car accident occurred. The Illinois car accident lawsuit seeks over $50,000 in damages. To read more about this tragic car accident and the accident lawsuit that was filed, please click on this link.

Illinois injury attorneys remind you that if you or a loved one was injured in an accident that you believe was due to the negligence of another, you may have a claim against that person. If you would like to call an accident attorney to further discuss the options you have available to you, please click on this link.

A car accident lawsuit was filed in connection with a June 2008 East Alton car accident in which a Wood river man was injured. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the driver that allegedly rear-ended him while he was stopped at a flashing red light. The victim claims that as a result of the accident he was suffered crushed and displaced neck bones and muscles, and he seeks monetary damages to cover his medical costs and money he lost as a result of the accident. The complaint alleges that the Defendant acted negligently when she failed to reduce her speed to avoid an accident, failed to keep her car under control, failed to keep a proper lookout in order to avoid an accident, for failing to obey a traffic signal and for driving without headlights on. According to The St. Clair Record, the plaintiff seeks an unspecified amount. To read more about this car accident lawsuit, please click on this link.

Often times car accidents are caused by a driver that fails to pay enough attention to the road and their surroundings. When a driver does not pay enough attention while driving and causes a car accident, they may be charged with negligence. If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident where you feel another person involved acted in a negligent manner and were at fault for the car accident, please call an Illinois car accident attorney today to further discuss what options are available to you.

A car crash lawsuit has been filed by the father of a young car accident victim. The car accident occurred last May, when the minor girl was a passenger in a car in which the complaint alleges the driver had just bought alcohol and had been consuming it prior to the accident. The driver lost control of her car while driving in Fairview Heights, IL and crashed into a tree. The lawsuit alleges that the driver was driving negligently while under the influence of alcohol. According to the St. Clair Record, the lawsuit seeks damages of over $150,000 for the physical and emotional injuries that the young girl suffered, as well as for the loss of her being able to do her usual activities. To read more about this Illinois car accident lawsuit, please click on this link.

According to Illinois DUI laws, the penalties for driving under the influence (with a blood alcohol content of over .08) are very severe, including up to a year in jail for the first offense (one year and a half if someone under 16 is in the vehicle), up to a $2,500 fine (more if someone under 16 is in the vehicle or if the driver’s blood alcohol content is over .16) and a mandatory license suspension of at least a year. The punishments increase exponentially if a person is caught driving under the influence more than one time. Aside from the possible punishments for drunk driving, a person should never drive under the influence of alcohol because not only are they placing themselves in extreme danger but are also putting anyone else on the road in danger in the event of a car crash.

The victim of a car accident has filed a lawsuit against the other driver after the driver allegedly crossed over the median and crashed into the victim’s car. The car accident complaint alleges that the plaintiff was driving on I-64 in Illinois when the accident occurred and the crash aggravated a pre-existing condition that he had which caused him great physical and mental pain and kept him from being able to do his usual duties. According to the Madison Record, the lawsuit alleges that the defendant negligently failed to keep his car under control, was driving too fast, did not keep a proper lookout, didn’t stop in time or slow down to avoid an accident, and failed to stay within his lane. The lawsuit seeks more than $50,000 in damages in addition to the costs of the lawsuit. To read more about this St. Clair County car accident lawsuit, please click on this link.

A victim of a car accident has several options when filing a lawsuit against the driver they feel was responsible for the accident. The actual damages incurred in the accident, including medical expenses for the victim and the damage to property, are not always the only options available. A victim or the family of a victim can often seek compensatory damages which do not account for actual costs incurred but rather monetary damages to try to make the person whole again following the accident. These may be for future lost wages when someone cannot work in the same way they were able to work prior to the accident or in anticipation of future medical expenses that have not yet come about. Additionally, in the event that a victim in the car accident was killed, the family filing the wrongful death lawsuit can seek compensatory damages for having to live with the loss of their loved one as a result of the accident. If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident and you would like to know more about what options are available, please contact a Chicago accident attorney at Levin & Perconti to discuss the details of your case.

A St. Clair County car accident that occurred last August has led to the filing of a car accident lawsuit by one of the drivers involved that was hurt in the car accident. The car accident lawsuit alleges that one of the other drivers struck another car from behind and that second car then struck the plaintiff’s car causing the plaintiff injury. The complaint names both drivers as defendants in the lawsuit. The initial driver allegedly caused the crash and failed to maintain a proper lookout as well as other negligent actions, while the second driver allegedly also acted negligently when she failed to maintain a proper distance between the cars to avoid a car crash. According to The Madison Record, the lawsuit seeks over $100,000 in damages, which include medical bills, lost wage, suffered earning capacity and property damages. To read more about this car accident lawsuit, click on this link.

Often times car accidents may not be due only to one person’s negligent behavior but can be a combination of negligent actions taken on the part of multiple people. If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident and you feel that the accident was caused by the negligence of one or more than one other person involved, please contact an Illinois accident attorney to see what options you may have in pursuing a lawsuit. Even if you are not sure if you have a case against another driver, please contact an attorney to discuss the possibilities available to you.

A car accident lawsuit has been filed against a police officer who is believed to have been texting while driving, which then caused a fatal accident. The car accident occurred several weeks ago and happened when the police sergeant allegedly unsafely and illegally changed lanes to enter the highway and crashed into a passenger car killing one of the people in the vehicle. According to WOAI‘s website, the family of the victim, as well as a surviving passenger from the crash, have filed the wrongful death lawsuit against he police officer, even though the police reports show that both drivers were to blame. The attorneys representing the victim are trying to ensure that phone records are not destroyed or tampered with so they can see if the officer was in fact texting at the time of the accident. If the officer is found to have been texting when the accident occurred this could be very serious because of how recent studies have shown the danger of texting while behind the wheel. Texting while driving is becoming outlawed in many states, including Illinois. To read more about this tragic accident, please click on the link.

According to the Health Finder website, over half a million people were injured and close to 6,000 killed last year in accidents that were caused by distracted drivers using their cell phone (either talking on or texting). Given the incredibly high number of accidents caused by driver distraction with cell phone usage, many states are cracking down on this problem by banning certain phone actions while driving. It is virtually impossible to pay complete attention to the road while checking your cell phone for a text or responding to one and this is a problem that is entirely avoidable. This distracted while driving danger also applies to police officers, and not just other drivers, and if the police officer in this case was found to be texting at the time of the accident he could face serious consequences. Even if the practice is not outlawed where he was driving, the court is very likely to find that he was at fault and that the other driver was not at fault if the officer was distracted by his cell phone at the time of the accident. Please remember how dangerous cell phones can be in terms of distracting a driver and that even one second of not paying attention to the road can lead to tragic accidents.

An Illinois woman that suffered serious personal injuries in a car accident this past December has filed a lawsuit against the driver of the car who the victim alleges caused the accident. According to The Telegraph, the complaint alleges that the defendant was negligent in that he failed to keep his vehicle in control, failed to stop his car in time to avoid a car accident, failed to keep a proper lookout, and that he crossed the center line. The police reports from the car accident show that the defendant lost control of his car and caused the accident because his car struck black ice and he could not control the vehicle once it struck this very dangerous type of ice. To read more about this car accident and the lawsuit in connection, please click on this link.

Black ice can be even more dangerous that other types of ice because it is more transparent, appearing the color of the ground below it, making it at times impossible for drivers to see. This type of ice occurs when very few air bubbles get trapped inside the ice which is what makes the ice so transparent. This type of ice can be very dangerous on the road to drivers and is also often a danger to pedestrians that may also not notice it while they are walking.

According to the United States Department of Transportation website, icy pavements cause close to 200,000 car crashes yearly and account for 3% of all motor vehicle accidents each year. When the pavement condition is altered, such as when there is ice or black ice, the vehicle performance and driver’s capability to handle the vehicle are both compromised. Because of these problems that occur with ice it is important for drivers to be extremely cautious when driving in icy conditions, preferably choosing not to drive if possible. If you must drive be sure to drive slowly and very cautiously while always paying extra careful attention to the road.

An Illinois woman was killed earlier this morning when her car was struck by a passenger van. The North Side Chicago accident occurred when a van struck her car, and she was pronounced dead shortly after the accident at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a result of multiple personal injuries sustained in the crash. According to Chicago Breaking News, this car crash is still under investigation and there is no information at this point if any citations were issued or if any charges will be filed. To read more about this Chicago car accident, click on the link.

If a loved one was killed in a car accident and you believe that the driver that caused the car accident may have been negligent, or was responsible for the car accident in some other way, you may be entitled to compensation on the part of your deceased loved one. Even if charges were not filed against the driver in connection with the accident, there may still be civil options available to the family of the victim and a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate to compensate the family of the victim. If you would like to discuss possible options following an accident in which a loved one was killed, please contact a Chicago accident attorney today.

A car accident lawsuit has just concluded with a verdict in favor of the plaintiff of close to $2 million dollars. The car accident occurred in 2007 when a teenage girl was killed in a car accident in which another teenager was driving and tried to jump a hill going 60 miles per hour and crashed into a tree. According to KTIV‘s website, the driver is currently in jail for manslaughter and this was a civil wrongful death lawsuit filed by the victim’s parents against the driver and his ex-wife (who was the owner of the car). The driver of the car was driving without a license at the time of accident and this is why the parents could sue the owner of the vehicle. In this case the owner of a vehicle was held liable because she knowingly allowed someone to drive her car without a driver’s license. To read more about this car crash settlement, please click on the link.

In Illinois there are certain laws that affect both unlicensed drivers as well as minors involved in a fatal car accident. In Illinois if a minor is involved in a car accident and criminal charges are pending, they cannot be issued a driver’s license or renew a learner’s permit until the charges are cleared. Additionally in Illinois the owner of a vehicle can be held liable when they negligently entrust their vehicle to an unlicensed driver. Both of these driving laws deal with issues and consequences of car accidents similar to the one mentioned above.

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