Cell Phone Distraction More Likely to Cause Accident in Heavily Congested Areas

A recent study has found cell phone distraction is more likely to cause car accidents in densely populated areas. The study looked at the rates of car accidents in densely populated areas before and after the cell-phone ban laws went into effect. The results of the study showed that there was a higher drop in car accident fatalities in the heavily congested areas, as well as a higher drop in non-fatal car accidents. According to Science Daily, the reasoning that the conductors of the study believe that there is such a difference based on the congestion of the city, is because in a higher traffic area it is much easier to hit a car when distracted by a cell phone, because the cars are so much closer to each other. In other words, if you are driving on a road with no traffic and you get distracted and lose control of your car for a second, there is a much lower chance you will hit something than when you are stopped right behind another car in a heavily congested area. To read more about this study, please click on this link.

This study is very relevant for drivers in Chicago, because the city of Chicago is very densely populated and the streets are often very congested. To read about car accident rates in the city of Chicago, please click on this link. While the cell-phone ban is currently in effect in Chicago, many drivers still ignore the law and continue to use their cell phone while driving in the city. In addition to the law and potential citations you an receive for using your cell phone while driving in the city, this study offers an additional reason to not let yourself be distracted by your cell phone while driving in a heavily congested area.

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