Chicago Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Issues with Uninsured Driving

Commercial-News recently reported on the current state of drivers on the road, if they are insured or not. The article states that about one in every seven drivers on the road is uninsured, almost 15% of Illinois vehicle operators. The article continues on about how every driver will most likely be in a car accident at one point or another throughout their lifetime. However, what happens when the drivers involved are uninsured?

Due to the recent recession, the amount of uninsured vehicle operators has increased, the article states. The result of driving uninsured is forcing drivers who are covered by insurance to pay for the injuries and costs created by those who drive uninsured. Illinois has enforced a required insurance law, but just because the law exists, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all drivers in the state of Illinois are insured.

A State Farm Insurance representative suggests that when involved in an Illinois car accident with a driver who is uninsured, you should first ask them if they have insurance. Next you should call the police and file a police report. Make sure to also collect the other driver’s complete contact information including their name, address, phone number, and information about their vehicle, such as the make, model and license plate number. The Illinois Secretary of State office directs the victim of an uninsured crash to send in an Illinois Crash Report to the Illinois Department of Transportation Accident Report Office.

Our Illinois car accident attorneys encourage all drivers to have insurance, and to carry an insurance card in their vehicle at all times. Our Chicago accident lawyers have handled many cases involving victims of uninsured car accidents. In a recent car accident case, Steven Levin represented a pedestrian who was struck by a driver who happened to be an agent of an insurance company. The driver did not have enough insurance on his own policy to compensate the cost of the pedestrian’s injuries. A fellow attorney commenting on the case added, “You would assume that an insurance agent would understand the importance of carrying a sufficient amount of insurance.”

Illinois personal injury attorney Susan Novosad, who has also handled many personal injury and wrongful death cases involving pedestrian accidents and car accidents, gave insight and advice about automobile insurance. Susan advises drivers to take steps to protect themselves. She recommends purchasing both uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage to protect yourself and family in the event of a serious accident caused by an underinsured driver either or someone without insurance. Our Illinois accident lawyers can help victims obtain justice and fair compensation in uninsured Illinois car accidents. Contact us to see if we may be able to help you or a loved one in cases of this nature.

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