Chicago Car Accident Lawsuit Filed in Cook County Court

A Chicago wrongful death lawsuit was filed against an Illinois woman for upwards of one million dollars in damages, reports The Chicago Sun-Times. The suit was filed against the woman who was driving and killed a man who was kneeling in the street early in the morning on Christmas Eve. The woman had been drinking alcohol prior to driving, and was cited with a DUI.

The suit was filed on behalf of the man’s mother, and involved claims of negligence, wrongful death, and a survival action. These comprise the total of the initial one million dollars. There is also a separate damages claim, of an unspecified amount, regarding the man’s estate and family members. The loss of a loved one often comes with severe financial and emotional burdens that can be extremely hard to overcome. Hopefully the fair resolution of the suit will bring the family some comfort moving forward.

Losing a loved one is a tragic occurrence, especially during the holidays when family is supposed to be together. Unfortunately, it is during and around the holidays that the most motor vehicle accidents occur. According to a 2005 Fox News article, six of the top ten days with the most accidents of the year were on or around holidays. These days included July 2nd-4th, December 23rd, January 1st, and September 2nd. The other four days all took place in August.

The day with the most accidents was July 4th, with July 3rd coming in at second, and August is only a month away. Additionally, most accidents occurred on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The most frequent time in which accidents occurred is from 5-7 pm, mainly due to traffic concerns.

In light of the tragic case detailed above, as well as these informative statistics, our Chicago car accident lawyers want to raise caution this coming Independence Day. Each and every Chicago car accident attorney at Levin & Perconti understands the potentially devastating consequences of car accidents, and we urge the utmost caution. For years we have worked with clients who have suffered at the hands of negligent drivers and we wish for the safest of driving conditions during the upcoming July Fourth holiday.

The fact remains that the two most potent car accidents days are right around the corner. Should you or a loved one be injured or killed at the hands of a negligent driver, you can contact our team of Chicago car accident attorneys to find out what rights may be available to you.

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