Chicago Car Accident Lawyers React to Drunk Driving Study

Earlier this month, our Illinois accident attorneys read an article on Connect Amarillo that discussed the Center for Disease Control‘s latest examination of drunk driving in America today. According to the report, approximately four million American citizens have admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol, which doesn’t include the many that have not admitted it. The Center for Disease Control study found that in the past year, there were approximately 112 million instances in which impaired drivers were on the road. The number of drunk drivers on the road is decreasing, however, these findings are still shocking. The study found that young men are the most common group to drive drunk and many of these incidents involve binge drinking. Although drunk driving is a known problem, we believe that more needs to be done in order to reduce the number of personal injuries and deaths caused by drunk drivers.

In order to combat these high numbers, the Center for Disease Control, along with our Chicago accident attorneys, encourages states nationwide to increase the number of “sobriety checkpoints .” These checkpoints will draw the public’s attention to the issue and instill the idea that police are cracking down on drunk drivers. The CDC also recommends maintaining the minimum drinking age and the use of devices that detect when a driver formerly charged with drunk driving has been drinking.

Organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving are dedicated to reducing the amount of drivers under the influence of alcohol on the road, in the hopes of eventually eliminating them. MADD has a great website that offers tips to drivers on what to do should you see a drunk driver. According to their site, there are certain things you can look for to spot a drunk driver, including someone who:

• Drives very fast or very slow • Tailgates close behind other vehicles • Weaves or swerves • Comes close to being in an accident • Suddenly brakes • Drives in between lanes • Turns abruptly
If you spot a drunk driver, you should stay far away from them. You should memorize the vehicle’s license plate number and get a thorough description of their car. However, if it is too difficult, do not put yourself in danger trying to get all of the information down. Lastly, you should pull off of the road or onto the shoulder and call the police with a location of where you were and the vehicle you saw.

We hope that the CDC‘s study will make people realize how many drunk drivers are on our roads and how devastating and dangerous driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be. If you or a loved one has been involved in this type of accident, or if you have any questions related to driving drunk, please contact our Chicago accident lawyers to see how we may be able to help you. Filing a lawsuit can not only help injured victims receive fair compensation for the harms caused, but can also help raise awareness surrounding the issue of drunk driving.

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