Chicago Good Samaritan Helps Car Accident Victim After Storm-Caused Crash

The Chicago Tribune posted a story early last week on a freak car accident that struck during the windy storm conditions in the city and the woman who stopped to help the victim.

On Tuesday the Good Samaritan, Connie Odoms, was driving in Lindenhurst when she saw a strange accident up ahead on the side of the road. She saw a yellow a car that seemed smashed with a woman trapped inside. The driver was trapped because she had been impaled by a large tree branch that had crashed through her window following high winds in the area.

Odoms worked to calm the driver down and ensure that nothing was moved that could have aggravated the injury. She, along with another driver who stopped to help, dialed 911, called the victim’s husband, and then waited until the ambulance arrived.

Fortunately, the victim seems to be on track to recover. The branch struck her below her lungs and above her stomach, missing most vital organs.

This is not the first time that Odoms has assisted following a car crash. Five years ago she stopped and saved the life of a woman whose car had slammed into a telephone pole in North Chicago.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti applaud people like Connie who work together to keep our roadways safe and protect the lives of victims follow the accident. With so many vehicles using our roads so often, car accidents of one kind or another will always exist. However with proper driving care (and helpful motorist like Connie) we can all do our part to ensure that future crashes are less common, less severe, and less costly.

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