Chicago Man Charged with Aggravated DUI for Driving into an Auto Repair Shop

Earlier this week, Fox Chicago News reported about a Chicago drunk driver who drove his car into a car repair shop, and was found to have a blood alcohol content level of over three times the 0.08 legal limit. The driver was charged on four counts, which include aggravated driving under the influence, failure to reduce speed, and also driving without insurance on a revoked license. The police continue to investigate this accident.

With the holiday season right around the corner, we thought it was important to address the subject of driving under the influence. With this in mind, our Chicago car accident attorneys thought it would be beneficial to discuss the dangers and risks that driving under the influence pose, along with DUI prevention. According to, the holiday season brings an increased amount of DUI arrests. Under law, Illinois drivers found with a blood alcohol level higher than 0.08 will be charged with DUI.

Websites like work to educate the public about the dangers of DUI and also give some prevention tools. The site reminds people that, “When alcohol is consumed, many of the skills that safe driving requires- such as judgment, concentration, comprehension, coordination, visually acuity, and reaction time- become impaired.” With this being said, it is obvious why driving under the influence is dangerous, and sometimes fatal. The site also reports an alarming statistic; driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the main causes of death of people 25-years-old and younger.

Not only is driving under the influence dangerous for those driving, but it also endangers other vehicles on the road. This is illustrated by the story we talk about earlier in this post. If someone had been in the repair shop at the time of the crash, the accident may have resulted in many more injuries. As stated in previous posts, DUI drivers face jail time, confiscation of license, fines, and repeat offenders may even have a small device put in their car to measure their BAC before they are allowed to start the vehicle.

As the holidays approach, please be safe. If you have had too much to drink at a holiday celebration, find someone sober to drive you home or call a taxi. It is always best to assign a designated driver at the beginning of the evening to ensure that someone is capable of driving. You should also make sure your friends and loved ones are sober before they get behind the wheel. If you suspect that someone has been drinking and is contemplating driving, offer them a ride home.

As our team has seen, often times, driving under the influence leads injury or fatalities. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident in which a negligent drunk driver has injured you, you may be able to receive fair compensation for the harms caused. Our Illinois car crash lawyers have successfully handled many cases of this nature, and may be able to help you. When involved in this type of accident, the results can lead to costly medical bills. It can also lead to the injured victim having to stop working for a designated period of time, or even never being able to work again. Filing a lawsuit can help bring awareness to the dangers of driving under the influence while holding all wrongdoers responsible for their reckless actions.

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