Chicago Pedestrian Accident Results in Fatality of Child and Grandmother

Last week, our Chicago car accident lawyers read on ChicagoABCNews‘ website about a tragic accident involving two pedestrians in Chicago. A two-year-old and her grandmother were pronounced dead after a van when a van failed to yield and hit them while they were crossing the street at a crosswalk. According to the report,

This incident made us think about a recent Chicago Tribune study surrounding Chicago pedestrian accidents at crosswalks. The study showed that 80% of pedestrian accidents in the City of Chicago happen at intersections, when people are crossing street while the walk signal is lit. In reviewing this statistic, along with others, the City of Chicago has since announced new ideas to address this public safety problem. This includes identifying dangerous intersections where city officials can concentrate law enforcement, identifying how to better engineer the infrastructure of crosswalks, and educating drivers and pedestrians alike. Chicago’s streets are crowded with cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians, so it is important that everyone on the road, regardless of their means of transportation, look out for each other in order to protect their safety, along with others on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that since 1998, pedestrian accidents in crosswalks have steadily increased.

Pedestrian accidents can lead to serious injury and possible fatality, as shown in the accident discussed above. Pedestrians have the right of way at cross walks and drivers are required to yield. Therefore, it is important that drivers avoid distractions in order to focus better on what is occurring on the road. Staying focused allows drivers to better pay attention to signs, traffic lights, others on the road, and better notice smaller vehicles and pedestrians. As we have noted before on our blog, pedestrian accidents can occur in the middle of the intersection at the crosswalk, but also in places that may not be expected, such on the shoulder of the road, or even on the highway. In order to avoid these accidents, drivers should be alert at all times and avoid driving while distracted or intoxicated.

When a driver’s negligence causes others to suffer serious personal injury or death, it is important that victims hold all wrongdoers accountable. This Chicago report did not elaborate on whether or not the victims’ families will take legal action, however there could be a cause of action since the driver failed to yield to the pedestrians. Unfortunately due to these mistakes, a family is now without a grandmother and grandchild.

Our Chicago accident attorneys support the City of Chicago’s initiatives to better protect pedestrians and smaller vehicles from the serious injuries that can occur from automobile-pedestrian or automobile-bicycle accidents. We also encourage drivers to be on the look out for others on the road and remind pedestrians to remain alert to in order to avoid any potential accident. If you have been injured, or have lost a loved one, please contact us to review your case and see how we may be able to help you.

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