Chicago Police Focus on New Crosswalk Law

The Chicago Breaking News Center reported yesterday on renewed efforts being made by local law enforcement to improve road safety and save lives.

The focus of the effort is around a new law which requires all drivers to stop for pedestrians when they are in a crosswalk. The practice seems like common sense, but too often drivers fail to give crossing pedestrians the right of way, leading to deadly vehicle accidents. Much of the public remain in the dark about the new law-but police are stepping up ticketing efforts nonetheless.

The new law requires drivers to stop for pedestrians in all crosswalks, even those without traffic signals or stop signs. Failing to do so may result in citations and fines from $50 to $500. Chicago officials have already performed several stings in the months since the law has passed, ticketing hundreds of drivers for failing to stop when required.

At the same time, pedestrians are being held to a higher standard. Traffic management aides plan on doing a better job to ensure that pedestrians do not walk against traffic signals-the practice causes cars to get backed up and stuck in intersections.

Some of the most dangerous vehicle-pedestrian interactions occur near the Amtrak station at Adams and the Chicago River. Cars, buses, and walkers seem to dart every which way in mad chaos. City officials are trying to tackle the problem. One plan is to build an off-street terminal south of Union Station to help reduce the pressure of taxis and buses on the curb space. Efforts on the construction project have yet to begin, however.

With deadly accident occurring on our roadways every day, our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti endorse all measures that seek to prevent accidents and save lives. There are few activities that everyone engages in on a deadly basis that pose bigger risks than attempting to navigate our congested roads. Over 6,000 Illinois pedestrians are hit by cars each year, causing around 170 deaths. All Chicagoans are urged to use extreme caution at all times when traveling out of the house, whether by car, bus, train, bike, or on foot.

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