Chicago Ranked #2 in Congestion Study

Today, the Chicago Tribune discussed how Chicago drivers paid the highest congestion penalty in American last year, meaning time and gas wasted sitting in traffic. The congestion penalty averaged $1,568 in time and fuel per motorist struck. This comes as no surprise to the many commuters in our office who experience Chicago congestion on a day to day basis. Traffic congestion is not only costly to drivers, but can increase the risk for car and trucking accidents. Therefore, we felt it necessary to discuss the dangers that arise in congested areas.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that drivers in areas of congestion tend to become aggressive. When motorists are stuck in traffic, they are more likely to become frustrated, which can result in aggressive behaviors such as lane changes, pushing through red lights or stop signs, following to close, or speeding when giving the opportunity. Aggressive driving behaviors such as this in a congested area can lead to car accidents. Our Chicago car accident attorneys acknowledge that rush hour traffic can be extremely lengthy. However, drivers need to stay calm and not let their frustration affect their driving behavior. The best thing to do is to find an alternate route, but if that is not possible avoid aggressive driving at all costs.

Also be predictable, and don’t make any sudden lane changes to confuse drivers around you. You should also time traffic lights, to make sure that you do not drive through a red light, and finally expect the unexpected. Just because you may be calm, it may not mean that everyone else on the road is. Our Illinois accident attorneys urge all drivers to look out for themselves and others on the road. Drive safely and calmly, and avoid aggressive driving. If you are injured in an accident caused by an aggressive driver, you may be able to seek legal action to recover compensation for damages such as lost income or hospital bills. Contact us to discuss how we may help.

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