Chicago Suburbs Create New Pedestrian Safety Laws

A week ago, the Daily Herald posted an article that discussed crosswalk laws and safety in Chicago suburbs. The Des Plaines Police Chief talked with the Daily Herald about how many citizens are unaware of crosswalk laws and proper protocol, so his department feels it is difficult to issue moving violations or enforce a law that a majority of drivers do not know about. The article states “under the law, drivers must stop – not just yield the right of way when necessary, as previously required – for pedestrians in all crosswalks”. This law should be enforced when there are no traffic lights or signals presents, no stop signs, or even when there are no crosswalk markings. In reality, the law says that cars should stop for pedestrians regardless of whether the crossing was clearly marked or not.

Pedestrians also play a role in this law and their own safety. It is said that pedestrians cannot get in the way of a moving vehicle, for example running off the curb of the sidewalk into the street. The law is about pedestrian safety, but it is equally important for everyone on the road, pedestrians and drivers, to always use caution to protect each other’s safety. The state of Illinois also hopes to improve pedestrian safety by posting more stop signs, crosswalk warnings, and making crosswalks more visible in general. This is all in effort to protect pedestrians, and make drivers more aware of driving laws aimed at protecting pedestrians. The visibility campaign should make drivers more aware, which will allow law enforcement to better enforce the new laws.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, motorists on a yearly basis hit at least 6,000 pedestrians. Out of these 6,000, there are around 1,000 serious injuries and 170 deaths. The new law enforcement will hopefully prevent some of these accidents involving pedestrians.

Our Illinois pedestrian accident attorneys hope that this coverage will make people more aware of Illinois crosswalk laws to reduce the number of accidents and injuries to pedestrians. We urge motorists to stay focused on the road and pay attention to new signage that will pedestrian safety to their attention. We hope that our readers will keep pedestrian safety in mind, and if you don’t, be aware that law enforcement will be enforcing these new laws heavily.

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