Chicago Teen Killed After Car Accident With Squad Car

A deadly Tuesday night car crash in Evergreen Park took the life an 18 year old Chicago man. The young man died following an accident on 95th Street and Central Park Avenue in Evergreen Park, reports the Southtown Star.

Around 9:30pm the victim was driving with a passenger and attempting to make a left turn off of 95th Street. At the same time an Evergreen Park Police Officer was following a speeding car in preparation for making a traffic stop. As the teen was turning left, his car collided with the eastbound squad car.

Investigators were not yet clear about the series of events that led to the tragic car crash, but they did confirm that alcohol was not involved. Police officers are reviewing tapes to determine how fast the officers was traveling and whether or not the squad car’s lights and sirens were engaged. They are also still determining if the teen driver stopped appropriately at the stop sign at the intersection.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti send thoughts to all those harmed in this tragic car accident. This accident is a reminder that vehicles of all types pose risks while on the roadway, from police cars and school buses to work trucks and bikes. While we may never reach the point where our roadways are without risk, we can ensure that the chance of becoming a victim of these crashes is dramatically lowered. To do that, we all have to ensure that we drive with vigilance-keeping our eyes on the road and our minds from wandering.

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