Chicagoland Teen Injured in “Car Surfing” Accident

Most are aware that Illinois car accidents are the leading cause of death for our youngest community members-particularly teens. Lack of experience, failure to appreciate risks, and reckless conduct makes teen drivers much more likely to get caught up in often deadly accident. Many teens and young drivers simply engage in conduct that is clearly unsafe, assuming that they will not fall victim to the risks. For example, this weekend the Daily Herald reported on a young man who was rushed to the hospital in critical condition following a car surfing stunt.

Shortly before midnight on Saturday the man was in the parking lot of a Walmart with friends when he began riding the rooftops of a vehicles. All told several area residents and at least three cars were being used in the parking lot for this “surfing” activity.

Police indicate that the man was riding on the exterior trunk and roof of a 2002 Chevrolet Impala that his friend was driving. The driver began swerving and making reckless maneuvers in an effort to throw the man from the roof. In addition, the car was darting in and around the other vehicles that were being similarly driven by the group. Eventually the young man was thrown from the vehicle, hitting his head on the pavement and suffering serious injury. He was rushed to local hospital where he remains in critical condition.

A police officer who responded to the scene noted that “what someone sees someone do in a movie or riding on a car at some acrobatic event, it’s not only not appropriate, it’s unsafe. The human body can’t withstand contact in a violent way with automobiles, concrete, or asphalt.”

As this incident makes clear, there is simply no room for such reckless conduct by any driver or passenger. A Chicago car accident lawyer who has worked with young victims in these accidents knows that the possibility for death or serious injury is present any time that someone is injured in a vehicle accident. We encourage all parents and guardians to do everything in their power to ensure their young, inexperienced loved ones understand the seriousness of these driving risks.

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