City of Chicago Has Illinois’ Worst Rated Driver’s Education Cars

Recently, our Chicago car accident attorneys read in the Chicago Tribune that looked at how Chicago-area driver’s education cars fared in crash-tests and discovered that many of the vehicles used are some of the worst-rated cars on the road. In some suburbs, driver’s education cars are over ten years old. In Chicago schools, they are reported to have “oldest and worst-rated driver’s education cars in the state”. According to KMOV, an analytical study on Chicago cars examined around 1,300 cars in 60 Chicago districts.

The Chicago Public School website says that they use their driver’s education system in order to establish skill in main areas, including inside of the classroom and in class simulators, and behind the wheel experience. However, unsafe vehicles can pose a threat for serious personal injuries to new student drivers.

Parents in the City of Chicago have several options that are not associated with the public school system but have teen courses for a tuition fee. talks about course requirements for Illinois driver’s education programs. The course requirements include 30 hours of in classroom training and six hours of documented instruction. Along with this behind the wheel training with an instructor, there is also a behind the wheel requirement for hours behind the wheel with a guardian or license driver. Although we are happy that the school district offers driver training, our Illinois car accident attorneys hope that the City of Chicago will continue to improve the driver’s education program and the vehicles they usein order to make teens on the road safer drivers.

Good driver’s training is crucial to protect teens from crashes. Programs not only teach teens how to drive, but also raise their awareness surrounding safe driving practices. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that approximately 35% of teen deaths are caused by motor vehicle accidents. Some things that teens learn in driver’s education programs, along with the hands on experience of how to operate a car, is the importance of seat belt use, learning about different distractions, and learning about the risks of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Specifications for teens include driver education if the person is 18 years old or younger, 3 months of driving with a permit, 25 hours of driving with a parent or guardian, following curfew, and a passenger restriction of no more than one other person in the vehicle for the first six months of driving.

Our Chicago accident attorneys encourage the City of Chicago to implement a higher standard of driver’s education outside the classroom, while still instilling the high quality of information that teen drivers learn within the classroom. Although difficult as the city and school district face cuts, we also hope to see an improvement in the types of vehicles used in driver’s ed.

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