Cops Plan Seat Belt Crack Down for Upcoming Weekend

In Illinois, cops are planning to crack down on seat belt usage this holiday weekend. The law in Illinois is that all drivers, all passengers riding in the front seat of a car, and all passengers under nineteen riding anywhere in the car, must be wearing a seat belt at all times the car is in motion. According to The Chicago Tribune, while this law is always in effect, Illinois state police say that they will be extra hard on people this weekend and be watching for seat belt violations extra carefully. The reason behind this crackdown is that holiday weekends are always a time of higher accident rates and more careless driving, so the cops want to make sure that everyone is wearing seat belts to try to keep the roads safer and any injuries less severe. To read more about the Illinois State Police’s safety plans to help keep people safe in the event of car accidents during the coming holiday weekend, please click on this hyperlink.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belt usage has been steadily on the rise in recent years, and in 2008 was up to ninety percent. While these numbers are good and it is obviously good that the statistics continue to rise in this regard, it is important for everyone to wear a seat belt. Chicago injury attorneys remind readers that seat belts can safe lives and can be what keeps someone from receiving serious personal injuries if they are involved in a car crash. Please make sure to do your part to reduce traffic accident injuries and always wear your seat belt and make sure that your passengers always wear their seat belts.

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