Dangerous Intersection in Rockford Calls for Renovation

Today, our Illinois car accident lawyers wanted to discuss an article that we read in the Rockford Register Star reporting how the Illinois Department of Transportation is studying a dangerous intersection in Rockford, Illinois. The intersection, U.S. 20 and Mill Road, has a 50-mile per hour speed limit, and a lack of warning lights to help drivers slow down when exiting the U.S. 20 ramp. According to the article, in the past three years, the intersection has hosted 34 car accidents, six causing injuries, and even one fatality. Currently, the intersection has a four-way stoplight, along with yellow strobing lights that alerted drivers coming from the east and west of the intersection. Out of the 34 accidents, one of them involved a school bus and resulted in injuries on many children. IDOT concluded that the intersection would need to go through renovations to prevent future accidents with injuries.

After reading this article, a Chicago car accident lawyer of ours turned to the Illinois Rules of the Road to see what information it offers regarding intersections. It suggests that drivers need to drive slowly through an intersection because you don’t know when a pedestrian or other motorist could be trying to proceed. When at stop sign intersections, the first one to stop has the right to proceed first, giving pedestrians the right-of-way.

Most accidents at intersections occur when someone is turning. For right turns, make sure that there are no pedestrians or vehicles in the intersection, and that the light or stop sign permits you to do so when the coast is clear. For left turns, yielding to pedestrians and other vehicles are equally as important, but are different from right turns in that the driver can go into the middle of the intersection on a green light (if there is no green turn arrow only signal) and wait to turn. Only turn when the intersection is clear, and make a full turn into the lane closest to you.

Some tips that can be used to prevent intersection accidents include:

• Completely stop at stop signs before crossing the intersection • If you have the right of way, check for cars as you would if you didn’t before going through an intersection to avoid neglectful drivers • If you are first in line at a red light, check both ways for oncoming cars before going through when the light turns green • Beware of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists who may be difficult to see or in the crosswalk • Always use turn signals to prevent confusion and let other drivers on the road know what you are doing and where you are going • Pedestrians should make sure that it is safe to cross the cross walk as well
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