Dangerous Railroad Crossing in Chicago

Chicago city officials have finally admitted that a dangerous train/road intersection is too risky to remain in place and will be improved this month. The Chicago Tribune reported on the planned changes to the crossings in the Union Pacific Railroad Corridor on Nagle Avenue between Avondale and Northwest Highway.

This particular crossing near the Kennedy Expressway is a high-volume location, presenting many opportunities for car accidents. An earlier report by the Tribune uncovered how this intersection was one of the most dangerous on all of Chicago’s roads. The set-up around the road/train track crossing makes it common for cars to build up while waiting for the light in front of them to change. Many vehicles end up getting caught on the tracks, unable to move until the light changes. That means that many drivers find themselves in the predicament of hoping for a light change before a train comes down the line.

A bridge appears to be the ideal way to remove the danger from the railroad crossing. However, the current plan is simply to improve signage, add concrete panels, and a few other smaller changes in the upcoming month. The more expansive measures (like bridge building and improved electronic circuitry) are too expensive for the city.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti encourage all drivers not to take unnecessary risks in order to save time on the road. The potential harm is simply too high to take ones chances while waiting on a live train track. As this report suggest, all across the city there are driving locations that offer particularly high chances of getting in a vehicle accident. It is not possible to eliminate risks of the road completely, but no one should increase that risk unnecessarily.

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