Distracted Driving Accident Victim Awarded $13M Settlement

Lawyers.com recently released a report detailing the settlement of a lawsuit stemming from a devastating distracted driving accident. Our Chicago accident lawyers learned that the accident in question transpired in February 2010 when the 53-year-old accident victim was traveling from Florida to Alabama in order to obtain a new job. However, the driver’s passenger vehicle was abruptly rear-ended along an interstate highway during his commute. As a direct result of the accident, the 53-year-old shattered two of his vertebrae – ultimately leaving him with no motor functions below his chest.

Shortly thereafter, the accident victim filed a negligence lawsuit against the driver of the passenger vehicle that rear-ended him – subsequently leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. However, during the trial, the defendant alleged that the victim was the party who was actually responsible for the accident. She alleged that the victim pulled right out in front of her when exiting a gas station. Nevertheless, the victim maintained that he has been traveling in that particular lane for over a mile before he was tragically struck from behind.

Our Chicago car accident attorney learned that during the crash investigation is was revealed that the defendant driver has both sent and received a text message within a two-minute window around the time the tragic accident transpired. Ultimately, this evidence was enough to convince to the jury that the defendant driver was not paying attention prior to the accident that left the victim paralyzed for life. The jury awarded the 53-year-old victim $13 million – all compensatory for his past and future medical expenses, as well as, all other losses.

The news article reveals the accident victim in this case is not the only one to sustain devastating injury and harm as the result of a driver texting while driving. According to the National Safety Council, over 23 percent of motor vehicle accidents (or approximately 1.3 million per year) are a direct result of drivers distracted by phone calls or texting. Additional statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that phone use was involved in 3,092 highway deaths in 2010 alone.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an Illinois car accident, please consult our experienced Chicago car accident lawyers as soon as possible. Our knowledge attorneys will provide a free initial consultation to help determine what legal rights, representation and relief may be available to you.

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