Distracted Driving Continues to Take Lives of Area Victims in Chicago Car Accidents

Chicago car crash lawyers, surviving victims, and many other advocates continue to call for changes to address distracted driving. This week My Fox Chicago published a story on the distracted driving issue. The story highlighted the painfully large number of victims and the ways in which legislation may address the issue to prevent future victims.

Our area recently played host to the Illinois Distracted Driving Summit, an awareness raising gathering that drew a wide range of safe driving advocates. The summit speakers explained how cell phone use remains the most prevalent form of distracted driving. Right now virtually one in four car crashes are caused by one driver whose attention was directed at a phone and not the road. Those reckless drivers who attempt to send a text message while driving are even more likely to be involved in accident.

Many advocates believe that more legislation is needed to curb the dangerous problem.

For example, Ray LaHood, the former Illinois congressman and current U.S. Secretary of Transportation believe that distracted driving is an epidemic needing remedy. Two pieces of legislation being considered by the Illinois General Assembly would call for a two-year study. Yet, most advocates believe that a study will provide little information that is not already known. Less studying and more action is needed.

For example technology already exists that sends cell phone calls directly to voicemail when the phone is in a moving vehicle. Unfortunately the technology cannot yet distinguish between a driver and a passenger. In truth no technology is needed to curb the problem. All drivers maintain the ability to turn off their phone while behind the wheel.

Our Chicago car crash attorneys at Levin & Perconti are proud to work with distracted driving victims and their families. Our experienced lawyers are experts in how the legal system provides protections for those who suffer injury because of the negligence of a fellow driver. Be sure to contact our Illinois personal injury lawyers if you ever find yourself in that situation.

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