Downers Grove Teen Dies After Long Struggle Following Brain Injury

We hear about car accidents all the time. They appear in the news so often that sometimes it is easier to simply accept each new one as just another distant story. This blog is a source for a great deal of information, from statistics about traffic fatalities to how many people were injured last year by drunk drivers, but again, to some these accidents may just coalesce into a steady stream of indistinct statistics and information.

To many of you these are just numbers, and rightly so; many people reading this blog will never truly know that heart wrenching sensation, that nauseating tightening of the gut that accompanies a phone call informing you that your loved one has been in a serious accident. Make no mistake, these are not just numbers, each and every one represents a real person, and each one is a tragedy in it’s own right, with profound effects on entire families, and in some cases, entire communities. Earlier this week, Chicagoland was reminded of just how real the gruesome effects of car accidents can be.

Over the weekend, a Downers Grove teenager who was severely injured after being struck by a truck last year lost his long battle on the road to recovery. The teen had struggled to combat a traumatic brain injury, and endured multiple surgeries in the months following being hit while riding his bike home on February 26th 2012. It was not until the summer that he was even able to return home, still confined to a wheelchair and having lost nearly all of his motor functions. Since the accident, the organization established in this honor has chronicled the strength and perseverance of him and his family. This story truly goes to show how real these accidents are, and how much impact they can have on not only the victim, but on everyone around them.

The victim died Sunday at 2:15 a.m. surrounded by his family. He “was such a great boy, and we struggle to find answers to why this happened” said his father. “Know that he loves you all. Know that we love and appreciate you all.” (Chicago Tribune)

Our lawyers are passionate about what they do and have dedicated their careers to representing the victims of other people’s carelessness. They know that the statistics you read in your yearly traffic report represent real people who need help fighting for their rights after an accident, and that is what drives us everyday at Levin & Perconti.

So next time you read the statistics in this blog: 6 million car accidents a year, 3 million injuries, 2 million of them permanent, and 40,000 car accident fatalities, remember that these aren’t just numbers, they are people. Reckless and negligent driving is far more palpable, and is something that we should all be cognizant of, and fight against. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

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