Driver Convicted for Pedestrian Car Accident Leading to Traumatic Brain Injury

Count to 14.

Now count to 14 again.

Since you started reading this article, two people have been injured in a car accident somewhere in the country. If last year was any indication, by the end of the year, this number is will have climbed to more than 3,000,000 people. However, the real tragedy lies with the 2,000,000 people that will have to deal with a permanent injury for the rest of their life due to a motor accident. (Reckless Drivers Statistics)

Thursday the Downers Grove Field Court ruled to convict a Darien man following a pedestrian accident that left a teen severely disabled. According to reports from the Chicago Tribune, the defendant hit the teen while he was biking through a cross walk near his home resulting in a traumatic brain injury. The driver was found guilty of failure to yield to a pedestrian on a sidewalk.

Unfortunately this incident is just one of many. Car accidents are the number one killer of people under 30 in the United States. This means if you fall into this statistical category, being in or around a car is probably the most dangerous thing you do all day. In addition, people 15-24 and 75 or older are among the groups most severely affected by these crashes. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Anyone who has had a severe injury will tell you medical treatment and bills are not cheap, and they rack up fast. In 2010, the cost of medical care and productivity lost because of a motor vehicle crash was $100 billion. Whether these injuries are to a wage earner or their children, they can be extremely damaging to your ability to ever live a normal life again. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

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