Driver Taking Road Test Crashes Car Near Illinois Secretary of State’s Facility recently made a report detailing a single vehicle accident that occurred last week during a driver’s road test. Our Chicago auto accident lawyers learned that accident took place outside of the Illinois Secretary of State’s testing facility in central Naperville around 3pm. The driver of the vehicle, reported to have been an elderly man, lost control of his vehicle after shifting it into reverse, leading him to collide with a brick support column adjacent to the testing facility. The testing facility manager confirmed that the crash occurred during the driver’s license renewal test, indicating the cause was the driver’s “failure to apply the brake during the road test.”

The report states that half a dozen individuals in a pub nearby the testing facility said they heard the vehicle collide with the support column. The car, its trunk badly dented and open, came to rest within a few feet of the pub’s front window and door. Many were relieved that the car hit the column and did not crash into the entrance of the pub.

A Naperville Fire Department Captain stated that paramedics took the test administrator to Edward Hospital in Naperville that evening as a precautionary measure. It is unknown where the administrator was seated in the car at the time of the collision. No one else, including the driver, was injured in the crash. Naperville police said it was unlikely any tickets would be issued, as the accident had occurred on private property. The department’s formal report on the crash remained incomplete while members of the city’s Naperville Transportation Business Group continued to assess the damage.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys agree that elderly drivers have the potential of causing serious injury to themselves and others on Illinois roadways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), research on age-related accidents has shown that around the age of 65, drivers face an increased risk of being involved in a vehicle crash. Elderly drivers, along with teenagers, have the highest accident rates per miles driven and tend to be more involved in multi-vehicle accidents, particularly at intersections. Many elderly drivers have poor judgment, tend to drift from lane to lane while driving, and have a decreased ability to change behavior in response to an unexpected or rapidly changing situation on the roadway. They are also more prone to injury and death. Surprisingly, the number of elderly drivers is expected to triple in the U.S in the next 20 years.

While many people rely on cars to travel, get from destination to another, or simply to feel independent, elderly people need to be cautioned against driving if they are physically or mentally incapable of doing so safely. Our Chicago car accident attorneys are aware of number of car accidents throughout Illinois and are willing to assist you if you or someone you know has suffered serious injuries, medical expenses, or property damage as a result of a negligent motorist. To find out if legal recourse may be available to you, contact one of our Illinois personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti. We are prepared to offer you the resources you need to seek legal action.

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