Drunk Driving Accidents High and Can Be Avoided

The number of drunk driving accidents and drunk driving fatalities each year are very high and are avoidable and something that needs to be addressed. According to Alcohol Alert, Illinois is among the top ten states in terms of number of alcohol-related fatalities and in 2008 there were 434 alcohol deaths. Each state has two types of offenses that may be issued in connection with driving under the influence, one of which is the offense of driving under the influence and the other which is driving with a blood alcohol concentration of over 0.08. To read more about the drunk driving statistics and what legal measures are being taken to keep drunk drivers of the road, please click on this hyperlink.

While the state-imposed punishments are definitely a deterrent and hopefully do keep the number of alcohol related car accidents much lower than they could be, it is not possible for cops to see and in turn stop everyone that is driving under the influence. Because of this, it is important for drivers to make a personal choice to not drive while under the influence, to try to discourage others from driving under the influence, and to report any erratic drivers that they see while on the road. Making these choices to help fight the drunk driving problem in our state could make a huge difference and help fight this terrible and avoidable problem that leads to many deaths and car crashes every year.

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