Elderly Woman Lucky To Escape Before Car Hit By Train

The Pioneer Local reported yesterday on a fortunate outcome to a potentially tragic car crash.

A 73-year old suburban woman was caught up in a unique Chicago car accident when her vehicle became stuck on railroad tracks. Around 3:30 in the afternoon on Thursday the woman had just made a right turn onto Garfield Road from Chicago Avenue. Just after making the maneuver, the woman’s vehicle began crossing railroad tracks on Garfield Road. However, while atop the tracks, the woman’s car became stuck. She was unable to propel the vehicle forward or backwards.

While stranded there, the emergency gates and lights began flashing indicating an oncoming train. Luckily the elderly woman was still able to move quickly enough to get out of the vehicle and away from danger. This was aided by the fact that the approaching train was carrying coal and not moving at an accelerated speed. The train collided with the car, but no one was injured in the event.

This Chicago car crash highlights a little discussed potential risk at railroad crossings. In almost all cases, trains and car collide when a vehicle attempts to beat a train or drive around clear warning signs of an approaching train. However, there also remains the possibility, as here, of a car become somehow incapacitated while on the tracks. In those cases, the first step is to ensure that everyone is out of the vicinity of the car in case of collision. Once that is established, it is important to contact authorities as quickly as possible to see if communication can be made with any approaching train to avoid an accident.

Our Chicago car crash lawyers at Levin & Perconti are glad to hear that no injuries resulted from this accident-many others are not that fortunate. We continue to urge all Chicago drivers to remain alert around these crossings and to practice safe driving strategies at all times. Few machines contain as much destructive power as a speeding train-nothing can be gained from risking a collision.

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