Fatal Motorcycle Crash Raises Motorcycle Accident Awareness

The Telegraph recently reported a fatal motorcycle crash. Although the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet, his motorcycle failed to follow the curve of the road and he ran off the road, and reportedly died at the scene. Police are continuing with further investigation to see if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash.

Though it appears no one was at fault this accident highlights the risks that all motorcycle riders face. Even though this motorcyclist was wearing a helmet he was fatally injured, illustrating that motorcycle riders are still in danger of serious injuries even when they have the appropriate safety gear. As you know, motorcycles are so much smaller than other automobiles and they do not have the same exterior metal protection. Due to this, when motorcyclists are involved in accidents, they have less outer protection, and are more likely to be ejected from their vehicles.

Our Illinois auto accident lawyers found a great website for information on motorcycle safety, Ride Safe, which lists the most common types of motorcycle crashes. These include failure to negotiate both left and right and bends on roads, collisions at intersections and junctions, collisions while passing, and finally, a loss of control. In order to avoid accidents involving bends on roads, motorcyclists should look at the path of trees or telephone poles that are around the road, and drive cautiously and slowly so the motorcycle is easier to maneuver. When approaching an intersection, be extra cautious and make sure that the motorists around you can see you on your motorcycle before executing any turns. For passing related collisions, remember it is not safe to pass when nearing:

• Bends • Intersections • Cross-walks • Hills • Troughs • Double white or yellow lines on the road
Finally, the site attributes many crashes caused by loss of control to following too closely and road surface conditions. Following to closely may cause an accident if another driver loses loss of control, so in order to avoid this make sure that there is plenty of room in between vehicles and there is enough stopping distance. Road surface conditions, such as potholes, ice, snow, and rain can make a motorcyclist loose control as well, so when the weather is bad, make sure to drive cautiously.

The Illinois Department of Transportation offers free motorcycle courses, the Cycle Rider Safety Training Program, that address three different groups of motorcyclists. There is the beginner course, the intermediate course, and the experienced course. The courses are completely free to Illinois residents, who are 16 years and older with a driver’s license. Drivers can register online through the IDOT and complete that program at one of the many stations closest to them.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys continue to encourage every rider to take these courses to understand how to properly operate their vehicle. It is also crucial to understand the different causes of accidents in order to best know how to avoid them. It is also important for riders to wear safety gear such as helmets and padding and make themselves as visible to other drivers as possible. We hope these tips will help motorcycles safely operate their vehicles in order to prevent serious injury or death in an Illinois motorcycle accident.

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