Illinois Fines Increase for Inadequate Child Car Seats

New legislation in Illinois will make the fines for drivers with small children passengers increase if the driver does not have the appropriate car seat for all child passengers that require car seats. All children under the age of eight in Illinois are required to be in a car seat and up until now the fine for not abiding by this law was a fine of $50. The new law increases the fine to $75 for the first offense and a fine of up to $200 for later offenses. For the first offense, drivers will have the option to take a class that teaches about proper installation of child safety seats as oppose to paying the fine. According to The Chicago Tribune, the purpose of the training class option is to teach drivers about the importance of child safety seats and hopefully lead to less injuries to children in the event of a car accident. To read more about this recent legislation and child safety seats, please click on this link.

It is very important to understand what safety seat is appropriate for each child, depending on weight and age, and at what point a child is safe to just wear a seat belt. Each year thousands of children are killed or seriously injured in car accidents, and making sure that they are properly protected is one way we can help to protect kids in an accident. Chicago accident attorneys ask you to make sure that you have a car seat for all child passengers under the age of eight and that you make sure that the seat is installed properly and has not been recalled for any safety issues. If you are unsure whether or not your safety seat is installed properly, please click on this link to find the location nearest you that you can take your car to have checked to ensure that the safety seat is installed properly.

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