Five Injured in Lake Shore Drive Car Accident

Another harmful car accident occurred on Lake Shore Drive this week, as several women were injured in a late night single car crash.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported on the incident. Shortly after 2:30am, the driver lost control of a hard top jeep in which five other women were riding. One of the wheels came off the car, it hit a guard rail, and barrel-rolled at least six times until finally coming to a stop. A 200 foot debris path was left in the wake of the careening vehicle.

All six women were in serious to critical condition when medical professionals arrived at the scene. One of the injured passengers was 6 months pregnant.

Authorities investigating the accident believe that the driver was traveling too fast, with the dangerous speeds contributing to the loss of control. Also, empty beer cans were found strewn around the crash area, presumably coming from inside the vehicle.

Obviously, all drivers are told repeatedly that driving under the influence of alcohol and driving too fast can have deadly consequences. But all too often, those common truths are ignored, causing injury, death, and heartbreak to millions. Our Chicago car accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti continue to help victims of these tragic events protect their legal rights. We also strive to raise awareness of the far reaching consequences of even a single car accident. This wreck on Lake Shore Drive involved only a single car, but still has the potential to affect six individuals, an unborn child, and the family and friends of all of these young women.

All drivers should remain vigilant of their own speed and alcohol intake when driving a motor vehicle. Not only that, but all drivers should also be aware that other cars on the road may be helmed by careless or impaired drivers.

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