Former Chicago Police Officer Charged with Aggravated DUI and Reckless Homicide

Over the weekend, our Chicago car accident lawyers saw an article posted by the Chicago Tribune that discussed a recent Cook County accident. A former Chicago police officer was found guilty of drunk driving, and reckless homicide. The negligent driver had been drunk, hit a 13-year-boyand fled the seen. The boy later died from his injuries. This article reminded us of the dangers of driving under the influence, and also why drivers should never leave the scene of an accident.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website, almost 30 people die every day because of an impaired driver. Deaths and injuries caused by drivers who are driving under the influence are completely avoidable. By enforcing the BAC law of a 0.08% maximum for drivers who are 21 and older, and an absolute zero tolerance law for drivers who are under 21, states can make firm examples of intoxicated drivers. Some other consequences that can make examples include taking away or suspending license, and requiring treatment for second or third time offenders. We support the Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Transportation intheir use of sobriety checkpoints. Sobriety checkpoints, according to the CDC are “traffic stops where law enforcement officers assess drivers’ level of alcohol impairment.” These checkpoints have been proven to help reduce DUI related accidents by one fifth.

One Chicago auto accident lawyer recommended that individuals should always have a designated driver planned before going out. Also, when friends around you are drinking and thinking about driving impaired, don’t allow it. Take their keys away, and find a sober ride, call a cab, or even take public transportation. Finally, if you are the host of a party, remind all the partygoers to have a sober ride home.

In the case above, the impaired driver also made the decision to leave the scene of the accident. As we have said before, when a person is involved in an accident, they are required to stop. This allows the drivers, pedestrians, or bikers to swap any information they may need, or help anyone who could be injured. It is unlawful to flee the scene, and can have serious consequences including possible jail time.

Our Illinois auto accident lawyers believe that there are no excuses for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or leaving the scene of an accident. As you can see from this particular instance, a young man lost his life because the reckless driver made the decision to drink and drive. We want our readers to be safe on the road not only for their own benefit, but also for the benefit of the people that they share the road with.

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