Hands-Free Talking Deemed Just As Dangerous As Holding a Cell Phone

Recently, our Illinois accident lawyers saw on ABCNews that using a hands-free phone device is proven to be just as risky as holding the phone to your ear while driving. When using a cellphone, it requires “listening, processing, and thinking about what’s being said- even if you’re in the driver’s seat trying to concentrate on dinner.” Cellphones are a huge distraction for drivers, regardless of if they are being used hands free or not.

Hands-free is equally distracting because it takes the driver’s mind off of the road. However, this is controversial because having passengers, children, or music in the car also takes the mind off of the road. A researcher from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that there is more evidence showing that using a cellphone while driving increases the likeliness of being involved in a car accident. However there is no evidence that using devices such as hands-free or wireless reduces the likeliness of being involved in an accident. According to research, about two fifths of drivers said that they don’t see using hands-free cellphones as dangerous, however only one tenth said the same about cell phones.

Most drivers believe that because they are using hands-free or wireless devices, they can keep their hands on the steering wheel. Our Chicago auto accident attorneys want to make our readers aware that they are also using their concentration and focus on the conversation, instead of keeping their brain alert and aware of what is happening on the road.

Forbes.com also recently reported about how headsets and other hands-free devices could be dangerous. In the article, they state that the NHTSA conducted research that found that one out of every 11 traffic related fatalities were a result of distracted driving. There is a nation-wide push to implement a ban on all cell-phone use, which would include hands-free devices, but it is controversial because it is difficult for police and law enforcement to enforce.

Our Illinois car accident attorneys believe that phone calls can wait until the driver is out of the car or has pulled over. Of course, if there should be an emergency on the road by all means use a cellphone to call 911, but for chit chat and making appointments, or other things of that sort, we highly suggest waiting to make or accept a phone call. Not only can using a phone can cause distracted drivers to injure themselves, but they increase their risk of potential potentially injuring others on the road.

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